Hey hey hey people of the world I’m back. For all those who were wondering where I was yesterday I am sorry again. I don’t know what has happened to me. I woke up today and realised it was sunday and suddenly had the impulse to slam my head against the table. Because of my extreme state of relaxation I seem to have completely lost track of what day it is.

Yesterday was list day and today is “Me Day” where I am supposed to talk about myself or something that relates to me. After this post I will make a list as well to make amends because of my carelessness.

To start off I want to thank PJ and RooJay (no relation) Roo nominated me for a Tag award and PJ nominated me for the Tag award and most inspirational blogger award. I want to tell you guys that I am really flattered and I will answer all the question on a later date, today I am just too tired ( which is kinda weird since I have been sleeping all day).

Anyway let’s get to the topic of today. Have you noticed a change in today’s world. There have been many changes over the past decade some good some not so much but one of the more interesting ones is the freak factor. These days it has become more and more popular to not conform to anything. In the past it was cooler to follow the same trends and to be the same as other people these days being edgy and freaky are more in.

That is not to say that there are not a number of people who face a great deal of flack from people but there is a definite push to be different from everybody else. If you follow trends you are predictable or rather unimportant. It’s funny how things have changed.

Although things have changes in this regard we still face a huge amount of problems in school and in life because of our differences. Why do you guys think that being different is such a big issue. Why should being different dictate whether you are cool or uncool.

I love Lady Gaga but sometimes I wonder if she does all her gimmicks as a show. Yes, she does do it to entertain people but does she really believe the things she says or does her eccentric behavior stem from the fact that she realises the number of people who are aware of their differences and want someone to tell them that they are beautiful just the way they are. It’s a great sentiment and cannot be repeated enough but sometimes I wonder if it isn’t all just a clever marketing strategy.

I have always considered myself a glorified a freak since I have always been different and proud of the fact but it makes me uncomfortable sometimes when I think that maybe I concentrate too much on my differences. Shouldn’t differences be something that just are a part of us not something that we have to stop and gawk at. Anyway it’s about time that we focus more on our similarities and appreciate our differences.

On a more happy note tomorrow (or rather today) I have a little shindig with my friends, needless to say I am excited. After this one of my friends is moving temporarily to settle some things but he will be back.

I was wondering if I became a vlogger would you guys watch me. I know that it is harder than vlogging and requires more capital investment but it’s something I have been interested for  a while so tell me in the comments what you guys think


As for the list. This is a list of four songs that are stuck in my head now

Just give me a reason-P!nk

Should have said no- Taylor Swift (yes I know it’s old)

Fast in my car-Paramore

I am truly addicted to these check them out.

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