The Holy Trinity


Hello people of the world.

I had a whole other post planned that was almost a thousand words but then i got distracted by exams and… yeah well I’ll finish it at some point but just now I was listening to a podcast by Shane Dawson on which he had a guest Mamrie Hart where one of the topics she was discussing was her book that is about to be released on the 26th of May and what she said about the book really stuck to me.

If you don’t know already Mamrie hart is a popular YouTuber who does a show called “You Deserve a Drink” (YDAD) about making drinks, on which she promptly gets drunk and makes horrible puns (it’s pretty amazing) but she is also part of a friend circle consisting of Grace Helbig creator of It’s Grace, The Grace Helbig Show several live comedy shows and writer of Grace’s Guide and Hanna Hart (no relation) creator of My Harto, Your Harto and the show My Drunk Kitchen, several hunger drives , comedy live shows and writer of My Drunk Kitchen the book, and they are affectionately called “The Holy Trinity of YouTube”. Having done all that they have done and then having also written books last year which I have been trying to do for years just struck me dumb. After hearing  about her writing process I realized that these women are some of the hardest working people on YouTube.

While I’m binge watching their videos, they’ve successfully run multiple live shows all over the US, run huge channels on YouTube, done dozens of interviews on TV between them , written books and have two shows going on simultaneously ;Hey USA-Mamrie and Grace and The Grace Helbig show- only Grace.

Looking at the list of achievements that they have accumulated over the past year and a half is enough to give anyone an inferiority complex and I’m really not an exception.

Listening to Mamrie talk about writing made me realize that I have been doing so much less with my time than I should. I could have written my book by now, because it doesn’t have to be the best book ever but I should have been able to write it down but I have kept putting it off and wasting time.

Okay this is depressing…but basically I wanted to say that starting today I’m going to block YouTube.

I know this seems like sudden transition considering how much I was praising them earlier and I do love every second of their content, but it also makes me realize that I’m watching them being amazing at their lives. They don’t have it all figured out, I mean, if you’ve ever watched any of their videos you know that isn’t true, but they are living to the fullest and achieving their goals and I am not.

So starting today I’m blocking YouTube indefinitely. I can still watch their vids in college during lunch break but not at home because I can’t keep spending my day like this.

I hope I haven’t been too preachy, I just need to focus on taking charge of my own life and this is something I should have done a while back.

Anyway that’s all there is for today. I’ve edited this but considering how much of a frenzy I was in to write this there are probably a shit ton of other mistakes, so forgive me.

Take care of yourselves people and get of social media, YouTube is worse than some but not by much and someone need to pull the breaks.



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