Guess Who


Hello people of the world.

I think its been a year since I last wrote here, and you can blame my return on the, till now, similarly AWOL Mr Purple. He posted something on his blog and I of course decided to do the same.

So many things have happened in the past months. In many ways I don’t even think I would recognise the person I used to be… but fuck it things are pretty great so I’m not going to talk about that for the millionth time.

I’m almost done with my second year of college so once this is over, I’ll have to start freaking out about what to do about the rest of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I have some ideas, but having ideas is one thing, implementing them is a whole other song and dance.

Other than the return of my departed blogger friend, I did have another reason to write as well. It seems as though I am once again at a point where I want to share my thoughts with you people. Yay, aren’t you guys glad!!

Wait..why are you running away?

Anyway, I have been writing a number of different articles, stories and other things that I have wanted to post somewhere and I thought, instead of making a new blog, why don’t I just try to revive this one. It may not be the most feasible idea considering how long its been, but still one can hope and try.

My writing has gotten much better so I’m a bit more comfortable trying new things; I even wrote a poem in class and gave it to a teacher who I respect.

He thought it was crap but at least I tried right?

I’ve got a lot of other stuff to say as well, like the fact that I almost had an interview at rolling stone magazine, that I have participated and organized a shit ton of events, and lots of other things but this time I’m going to be doing it for another purpose.

Before, I wrote this blog because I needed some way to speak out, and in that respect things may not have changed very drastically but now I’ve decided that having all these thoughts written down is the closest to having a journal that I have ever gotten.

My infrequent posts here have allowed my to documents thoughts and events that I had long since erased from my mind. I was just reading a few (or a lot) of my posts and it made me think back to the person I was and all the things that I was dealing with and it was the most fascinating thing. So basically this was to tell you guys that I’m going to try to be less whiney and write with my eye on the horizon.

I’m not going to make this too long, its already 12am and I’ve been trying to be a more healthy human being for the past few weeks so I will go to sleep soon but I thought I would take this chance to let you guys know that I’m here and that I do intend to continue writing…at least till I get distracted by something shiny.


I just realized that people have been coming to this blog every day even though I haven’t written in so freakin long. Who are you guys and why haven’t you found something better to read XD


I painted my nails black…don’t ask me why because I have no clue.


2 responses to “Guess Who

  1. Keep talking, keep writing and you’ll work your frustrations right out of your system. It rather sounds as though you’re doing a good job of that already – so keep at it, even if you don’t post what you write. Of course, we’d rather you did so we can read it. The choice is yours.

    • That’s so sweet of you, I will post something soon, I’m just not sure what yet. Deciding to write is wonderful but actually doing it is harder than I thought it would be.

      Thank you for sticking around and commenting, its nice to see a familiar face 🙂

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