I’ve been happy for a long time now. Things for the past year have been difficult at times but for the most part I’ve had a great year, which is why I probably feel worse right now. After all those years of feeling terrible and hating everything and everyone, it was a welcome change to have such a wonderful year. After all the good things that have happened to me I guess I was due for a little depression.

Its hardly the worst thing thats happened to me and I’ll probably be over it in a day or two but this incident made me feel alone like nothing else has done in a while.

I feel pretty bad right now but I’ve resolved to not hate the situation or the people that caused it. Contrast is the only way we see beauty for what it truly is and I know that when this passes, there will be so much more in life to appreciate.

I can live with sadness for a while maybe even a long while because this sadness will make the happiness to come even more sweet.

thats all I’m going to say for today guys I don’t mean to be a downer and I’m sorry if I was but the true thought I wanted to convey was that there is so much waiting for you out there, things may suck now but you’ll just appreciate the good times all the more because of that.




I remembered a quote from Doctor who from season 2 that at the time had a big impact on me. If anyone has watched the show then they’ll know how wonderful that moment was.

“One may tolerate a world of demons for a angel”


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