Music for the soul (BloggingU #3)

headphone-wearing-teen-meditates-19168356Hello people of the world for the second time today. I know that I may be missing the whole point of daily post by posting two on one day but I really want to keep up with all the prompts and this one in particular was really important to me so I figured what the heck.

Okay so the prompt for today is to talk about three song that are the most important to you. Music has always been a very important part of my life, I even play an instrument, although not well. Music helped me through some of the hardest time in my life so it wasn’t too hard to come up with the most influential songs to me. So now I’m going to list them chronologically to when I heard them.

Speed of Sound, Coldplay- This song is very important to me not only because it introduced me to one of my favorite bands of all time but also because of the change it brought about in me. TIll then there were many songs that I liked but none of them felt like my song. Speed of Sound is the first song that I felt with the depths of my soul and took as my own. For the first time I felt all those emotions and knew that there was a power there that could only be expressed through music. Coldplay heralded me into the glorious world of music and for that I am eternally grateful.

Misery Buisness, Paramore-From alt rock to punk rock Misery buisness could not be more different from Speed of sound but it had a equally massive effect on me. Fresh into my teens I heard this song and it only took one look and a fiery Hayley Williams screaming about how she was about to get her revenge with backdrop of the most angsty guitar that I had heard till then and I was in love. There were so many emotions at the time which I couldn’t even begin to express and this song just said it all for me. Even now whenever I hear it on the radio I scream along with her because as she says in the song “god it just feels so good”

Innis Mona, Eluveitie- This third song was a bit harder to chose because there are so many songs that blew my mind. I decided to chose this one because it showed me that you should never write something off without experiencing it completely. I  used to hate death metal but then I heard this song and I couldn’t stop head banging to the curious mixture of  bagpipes,violins and a flute with harsh guitar riffs and pounding drums. It was beautiful chaos and that is something you very rarely experience.

There are so many songs that are important to me for so many reasons but since I can’t list all of them these will have to suffice. I hope anyone who hasn’t heard these songs will check them out. Who knows they might be your new favorite.


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