Dusty Windows (BloggingU #2)


Hello people of the world. I’m really behind on the prompts given on the website so there is a high likelyhood that I will posting a few of these on after the other so apologies in advance for that.

The prompt from two days ago was “Room with a view” in which you were supposed to describe a place that you would want to be or rather anyplace that you prize over others.

The place that I would go with is a library. It may sound like a cliche but books have always been there for me. Before there was easy access to video games, tv and other means of storytelling, there was always books and there has never been a place since my childhood where I have felt more comfortable.

When I was a kid, or rather when I was younger than I am now, I didn’t have friends and almost everyone thought of me as a freak. Library’s were a place free of judgement where you could jump in and forget everything that absolutely sucked in life.

Sometimes I go back to my high school in my mind and I can still see all the misery but there was always the prospect of going to the library at the end of the week.

It was almost a ritual. All the students would stand in a line on front of the library and slowly we would be allowed to trickle in through the winding corridors made out of tables and chairs into the library proper. The library itself was never very pretty like I was brought up to believe. There were no mahogany shelves and the sunlight didn’t stream in illuminating the books but somehow it didn’t matter.

I was perfectly at home among the cold metal shelves and the books with their perfectly laminated covers. Every now and then the librarian would come over and check in to see that the kids had put the books back in place and would find me trying to rectify the arrangements. We always did get along.

Ten minutes before the bell would ring the librarian would make all the kids line up to leave but she would leave me in one of the dark corners drinking in the sight of the endless shelves of what I thought of as opportunities till the very end.

I still wish that I could go back to that place again sometimes. Maybe the winding rows of tables would still be or maybe the new guy would have changed everything. I wonder if he cares about all the possibilities that lie in those rooms like she did.



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