Words that don’t come easy (BloggingU #1)

Hello people of the world. Yes realise that I start all my blog posts the same way but I feel that its nice to have a catch phrase of sorts.

Anyway so this will be my first post for WordPressU and the challenge today is to write for  twenty minutes non stop and post it on on your own blog. Honestly this feels a bit strange to me because even though the people that know me will say that I can talk non stop on what ever topic I’m given, on this blog I rarely post something without a purpose.

The reason I have may be something inconsequential and trivial but I do have a reason; in this scenario I’m not really sure how long I can keep this up. Twenty minutes is longer than it seems.

WELL in the spirit of stream of consciousness and expression of random thoughts, I was wondering how many of you have read “Alice in wonderland”. I do have a reason for asking my brain didn’t just throw that name out there…well it kinda did but its based on a project that I have been doing recently.

I’m in just finished my first year of college and for the final piece of homework they decided to ruin our holidays by giving us a sixty page thesis to write. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind doing work especially in English because that’s my main subject and I love it, but sometimes you need a vacation from something you love to appreciate it better.

Don’t quote me on that because that sounded majorly douchey.

Also to the people from the west ie America, UK etc (I don’t know how the school system elsewhere works) I specifically said main subject because we don’t have a major, minor system in India.

I guess I should explain.

In India the school system goes a little like this,

1- KG-you’re taught the alphabets like you’re in military camp and treated like an idiot if you can’t manage it (I had dyslexia when I was younger though it doesn’t bother me much anymore)

2- Primary School-basic arithmetic, if you haven’t guessed I was shit at that too.

3- Middle School-now this is where the pressure really starts. My parents were fairly in control but in this phase parents begin to pressure kids in to extra tuition and start asking them what they want to do in life, to which I responded how the fuck should I know (I didn’t really say that, I used to be much more polite those days)

4- High School-this is the major part of any Indian students. Picture living in a box where its completely dark and the only sound is people telling you to become an engineer (thats funny to indians trust me). All that pressure from society plus the fact that I was a complete misfit, resulted in a pretty terrible set of years.

5- College- After all those hellish years of high school at the end of it you have to make a choice, what do you want to do for the rest of your life. I’m not exaggerating here, the college degree you decide to take will be with you your whole life unless you’re just using it as a building block, but the gist of it is that they expect you to have your life planned out by the time you’re seventeen and if you have no idea what to do like me, then you’re treated like an idiot.

wow… I don’t think I explained anything… I think I’ve forgotten what I was trying to say in the first place…….

Right!!! what I meant to say was that you get only get one chance to decide unless you do an additional course and that dictates your life and I was kind lamenting the fact that we don’t have a system that allows us to go to college to just gain knowledge.

For all that moaning I don’t think I said that I’m actually an English lit student and that despite the fact that I was completely lost coming out of high school, I still ended up with the subject I wanted so… yay happy ending?

Also my twenty mins are up and I didn’t even talk about the project that I started this whole thing for, Dammit!!

yeah so I lied I can talk non stop…..




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