I have always considered myself to be oddly feminine, not directly. as in, I have no interest in wearing womens clothes etc but there is a part of me that operates more on feminine instinct which I find odd. One of the factors in particular that I am referring to here is my love of children.

I have always had this odd obsession with have kids even before I wanted to fall in love or have a boyfriend. I know a some of you would say that a lot of guys love kids but I don’t think those guys spend large amounts of time thinking up names for hypothetical kids or stares longingly and sometimes creepily at kids in the mall.

I know having a kid is no picnic but I can’t shake how right the thought of having kids feels.

Now some of you are probably wondering where this is coming from and contrary to my usual shtick I actually do have  a reason behind by blast of mom syndrome.

I recently saw a post about parents that raised a transgender child. We hear many stories about grown men and women deciding to transition and in many cases their parents will support them, but it is very rare to find parents that actually listen and understand their child enough that they would help their child transition at such a young age.

It makes me happy that there are parents out there that are truly there for their kids.

There is a line in their video that says “we signed up as parents with no strings attached” and this I feel is the true crux of parenting; you can’t go into this role with expectations of what your child has to be. You might have dreams but in the end you have to be there for whatever your child decides to be and hope that you did enough to prepare him/her or whatever they identify as.

I hope that one day I get the chance to be a parent so that I could give this opportunity to some kid out there.

I hope you guys check out this article, it really did brighten up my day.



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