Hello people how are you this fine day. Wow you aren’t even going to respond are you… you’re such a fucking prick, I wish I never met you!! *cries loudly in a corner*

Don’t ask me why I did that because I’m not sure

SO… moving on to the real point of this post, recently a friend of mine showed me a rather hilarious and insightful video on YouTube which was made by Indian YouTubers. This as you can imagine surprised me because, until then I didn’t know such a thing existed. What was even more surprising was that these videos were genuinely funny.

They were some fears that I had about this phenomenon, namely that these YouTubers would only try to copy the US and the UK but surprisingly what I found was genuine comedy and interesting videos that related specifically to the Indian sentiment and that appealed to the Indian sensibility.

While I can for the most part empathise with the situations and the comedy that is made by YouTubers in the west, there has always been a gap because there was a whole market of untapped comedy that is unique to India and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see it being utilized.

I myself have at times wished that I could be a YouTuber but to be honest I don’t think I have anything original to bring to the table; these Youtubers are original and interesting and I wouldn’t even try to make a vid until I feel  that I have something different to offer. Right now I want to see if I can actually be something of a blogger.

But as I said those are things I’m not really considering right now so lets focus on some of the great YouTubers I found today.

All India Bhakchod– Don’t ask me what that means because its not nice XD but they do have some hilarious videos. Fair warning, a lot of their vids are mostly in Hindi but not all of them. Two vids in particular are must watches

Imran Khan answers questions about being gay– This one was great because it talked about a piece of legislation that is important right now and it deals with the indian perceptions of homosexuality well. It also has one of my favorite bollywood stars in it and he does a great job.

The second vid was Rape: its your fault. Warning to everyone even though the vid is funny, it deals with a lot of situations that are sensitive and made me laugh and shudder simultaneously, so watch it but don’t get to involved.

JusReign– I’ve just watched a few of his vids but he is hilarious. It shocks me that I haven’t found this guy sooner.

There is also of course superwoman but I’m not sure if she counts because she is basically Canadian, none the less she is hilarious so there is the link.


I really hope you guys check out these vids. If you do end up watching them let me know what you thought and if you know any other Youtubers that I should check out.

Have a wonderful day guys/gals/others







2 responses to “Desi

  1. Yes,All India Backchod, The Viral Fever Videos are one of the most entertaining youth created YouTube Channels..
    And “Rape: It’s Your Fault” was soo youthful with powerful message..

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