Life on holiday



Have you ever had a day where you woke up and thought, “what is the point to living”; I don’t mean this in a depressing way at all and encourage anyone that would see this to be depressing to swiftly change their minds, because this is not… depressing that is

Okay so convoluted sentences aside what I really meant to say was that for the past week or such I have felt without purpose. There were things that I was doing, such as going to the shop,hanging out with friends (spending countless hours on youtube and other video sites which we shall not name) etc but in general I just felt as if my life lacked purpose. Almost as soon as I came to that conclusion, I also came to the conclusion that this feeling was no ones doing but my own.

If I truly wanted there were a number of things that I could do to occupy my time in a productive way, but I chose to waste it and hnce I felt like shit; so the obvious decision is, GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO SOMETHING.

While I have not really gotten off my ass, I have managed to be slightly more productive over the past two days. I started working on my project which I should have started weeks ago but better late than never; I tried writing more, I’m not sure if I actually succeeded but I did try, and I wrote on this blog.

To those of you at home which manage to actually get some work done in a day, you might think that this is incredibly little work to do over two days but then again you haven’t seen what I have been doing on the days before this so you can be forgiven.

From now on, even if it is simply to prevent myself from feeling like shit, I promise to myself that from now on, until the end of the holidays, I will be more productive. I’m not sure about the degree to which I will be able to maintain that, but I do promise that i will try and as of now that is all that you can really ask of me.


My typing speed as improved loads which makes me really happy. I think I really wrote this post in 15 minutes 🙂 I think that counts as an achievement…right?




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