Hello there people of the world. I know that you guys (at least the ones who are still there) must be thinking that i either died or gave up on the blog, so first off neither of those are true although the second one might be a bit closer to home. I haven’t written anything that I wanted to put on this blog in a long time so that is basically the only excuse I have.I have been trying to focus more on my writing which is going better than I expected.

Okay so getting back to the topic of discussion; I’m writing this post to tell everyone that I have not given up on this blog completely, contrary to popular belief, and will be posting anything that comes to mind, when I actually feel like writing.

The other news is that I am starting a new blog, specifically dedicated only to my writing pursuits. I’m going to put a link on the bottom of the post so that you guys can check it out if you want.

The reason I think a new blog would be a good idea is, because it would be a fresh start, wiping the slate clean and trying something new.

There is a small chance that I am actually just suffering from sleep deprivation but at least right now, I am happy with this decision.

Finally I just want to thank everyone who has supported me in my journey into the blogosphere (you know who you are). I can’t tell you how much purpose it gave me when I was feeling  directionless. I also want to thank all the wonderful people who comment on and like posts, because its a wonderful feeling knowing that someone is reading what you have to say and because, it was only through a comment on my about page that I was reminded that I was no longer a ” perky,depressed,sarcastic,jaded and hopelessly optimistic/romantic 18 year old”. For better or for worse I’m going to be twenty and my perspectives have changed, its about time that it showed.

I hope that some of you guys will come along on this “new chapter” (yes I know it sounds douchey just go with it) and if you don’t I just hope that you enjoyed the ride so far and that you will not be disappointed in what I decide to put up on this blog.

So to summerise

  • New blog made
  • Old blog still intact for the benefit of future generations ;

and thats about it,I hope I talk to you guys soon.


Yours Truly

Marching to Drums





3 responses to “Beginning?

  1. Congratulations on starting a new blog! I hope your writing goes really well. What was the URL? Is it Marching to Drums? Because, it didn’t come up on my computer. x

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