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Well hello people of the world. This post has been a long time coming…well not this post exactly but I’ve been meaning to write a post for a long time now and I’ve even made a few in my head, but for some reason my ideas never hit the figurative paper.

I don’t know what is different today, that is making me finally write something because I have certainly had better topics to write about in the past which I let slide but I felt like talking about this particular topic today so I just went with it. Today I am going to write about something which I have always thought was awesome but on;y recently got the chance to experience myself; i.e having a gay lead character in a game.

There is a chance that people aren’t as enthusiastic about this as I am, but considering the fucked up state of my non existent love life, I think I’m entitled to some vicarious digital fun. Anyway the two games that I am reffering to today are Dragon age and Mass Effect.

I have only recently ventured into the world of PC gaming and I find myself at a bit of a disadvantage since everyone that I know that would play, and or, like the game , has already played it ages ago making the games I’m playing now old news; which sucks, but for the most part I am content to take it slow and enjoy the catching up.

Also before anyone says anything; these games are beautiful and worth playing again and again with or without the awesome man sex; the additions are just to make the characters that much more relatable (also at this point virtual guys are to only sane ones left).



I have finished this game once, and I absolutely loved it and now I’m playing it again, this time allowing  your male lead to have a relationship with any of the male characters that are available for romantic relationships. The relationship I’m looking to follow is between our lead “John Shepard” and “Kaiden Alenko” (trust me you’ll want to try this route first, he is soooo fucking worth it.

I’m putting a link here that shows a video that shows you how to do it. It requires you to type “setgender 0” into a text box after creating a female shepard. This way you get the male character but you’ll get the additional options when talking to Kaiden that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

The video only shows you how to do the process but to get the text box into your game, follow this helpful youtube comment


for anyone that does not know to access the console you have to edit the BIOInput.ini file and open it with notepad when you search through it find a line that says [engine console.console] and under that line you would put this exact line “ConsoleKey=Tilde” without quotes and go into game and push the ~ key or tilda it’s right next to the 1 key and there you go.”


Side effects

There are some additional side effects which are….awkward? because from now on everyone will refer to your character as “mam” rather than “sir” and another scenario in which shepard tries to pull of a sexy pose which was…..yeah. There is also another scene later which I won’t say just yet but other than that though I think it’s worth the sacrifice. 

Something I appreciated about this was that although you are effectively just changing the body of the character; most of the lines, even the romantic ones are said by the original voice actor because initially there was the option of having a gay shepard which they cut out in the last second.

There even even some lines that are exclusively for a gay male shepard which aren’t available when playing as  female.


So to sum up…this game is amazing and for those who have not played it, you better get right on that. The romance, whatever route you take, is adorable and worth the effort and momentary awkwardness. I love everything about this game and I can’t recommend this enough so I’m going to stop right now.

I was going to talk about a much simpler an neater version of the gay modification in Dragon age as I said earlier but I just realized that its 12:47 so I really have to go to sleep.

I hope you guys play the game and try out the modification (also the modification in mass effect can’t be called a mod according to gaming forums, just thought I’d give you a heads up, thats why I’m calling it by the full version… makes sense in my head)

I’ll get to talking about dragon age later maybe but that is much simpler. A quick google search would do you just fine.


Anyway goodnight and sweet dreams my people



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