One Night

One night stand


I can feel your eyes on me

You burn me with your gaze

I draw you to me presently

You follow through the maze



I know you quires are unasked

They hum buzzing through your head

I know you ponder my remarks

You know not where you tread



Forgive me for misleading you

For I never had such intent

For just one night let me not rue

I have been so long patient



I don’t require ardent promises

So quickly that are broken

I don’t aspire much from this

All this for now is token



You have the choice now stay or leave

I won’t hold it against you

Till the morning I shall reprieve

So for this night relent you



So hello people of the world. I made two posts today instead of spacing it spacing it between two days, which was stupid of me but I was feeling a bit creative today. The poem is about a one night stand a thing with which I am becoming too familiar with these days.

This situation on particular has never happened to me before because I end up having to make all the moves, but I imagine this is the thought process of someone who is being perused and is telling the other person that they aren’t interested in anything beyond this one night.

I hope you enjoy and and pardon the errors. The last paragraph in particular took me ages.


P.S- I have no idea what this picture is and I am aware that it diminishes the somewhat solemn tone of the poem but it looked like so much fun so I put it on.


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