I know you think that I’m falling apart

I know you think that I’ll sink when I start

I know it’s hard to see past yourself

You think I’ll lie there dead on my own shelf



Contorted patterns on a still wall

I don’t think I’ll ever see straight at all

I duck for cover but it’s much too late

It’s time I resign myself to my fate



Because I just want to burn

I don’t care if you don’t want to learn

I think it’s time that I just took my turn

Because I just want to burn



I just want to scream

I don’t think that I’ll wake up like a dream

This pain has ripped me up at the seams

Now I’m just going to scream



Hello people of the world. I thought I’d try something different this time so instead of going straight into the writing, I thought of a theme, then thought of a guitar riff to accompany it and then wrote the poem. I’m not sure because I’m too wrapped up in this but I think this one reads more like a song.

I’m not sure what my intention with this was, but sometimes it’s just nice to go with it.

I hope you enjoy it. Also in case you were wondering, if it were a song it would be kinda grunge/punk and the third and fourth stanzas would be the chorus.





I think I’m going to try writing a sonnet on of these days……that’s not going to go well.


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