Tangled road

death valley


It is a road as far as I can see

unaltered by the sand and sea

walked upon by many a soul

but indicates not how much the toll



Many a weary traveler thought

with confidence and valor fought

that they could pass with hide or hair

but never was life that fair



Lost are they now lying there

condemned among the filthy air

the world never to recognize

the blood sweat and unclaimed prize



I try to walk now in their shoes

although I do have much to lose

but never was there another road

that I could cross to shed the load



My life for me is now decided

What happens now this road confided.



I guess I was just thinking where I was going in life and I thought well people never agreed with my choices and most have me pretty much set for failure, but I don’t think I could be or do anything other than this.

Also on a side note the heading picture is called road to death valley, I thought that was particularly appropriate.




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