Why I don’t hate Miley Cyrus


Hello people of the world. Aaah pop culture;  I have always had mixed opinions about it because while it is for the most part asinine and trivial, it does also have its uses. In a culture where practically everything revolves around thee latest trend, it is important to be in the loop on the off chance that there may be something of substance up for offer. In the case of the ongoing Miley Cyrus debacle, I can’t quite make out if there is something of substance here or not; all I can say it that there is a lot of…..well there are a lot of things going on here, and I thought the best way to come to the bottom of this was to have a good old fashioned one sided discussion with you guys.

First off, I just want to state for the record that I have had a long like-hate relationship with Miely Cyrus. Initially I despised for her  Disney cheeseball role of “Hannah Montana” (the name seriously!!). After seeing her for the first time performing her terrible terrible song “The best of both worlds” I was all set to loath her existence for the rest of my life, but then she came out with a song that I didn’t absolutely loath called “The climb“. There was nothing particularly new about the song and it wasn’t a earth shattering find for me, but the earnestness of the song did make me reconsider her; what actually tilted the scales and made me actually like her was the song “Can’t be tamed” which surprisingly was actually a good song. Aside from a few questionable lyrics and more than a little provocativeness (which at the time was very unexpected coming from her) I thought that the song was great.

I got the album and none of the other songs stood out for me (except perhaps “My heart beats for love” which was decent) so I went back to thinking that she was a one time hit. It is only in the past month that my opinion has been altered for the better again.

When I heard “We can’t stop” for the first time all I could focus on was the video. Although I can now say that the song is actually quite good, initially I couldn’t tell at all because all I could see was pepto bismol erupting from the cut fingers of a girl (this was a scene in the video to watch click the link given below). After seeing it I completely gave up any thought of the song being anything but absolute crap and as logic dictates I avoided watching or hearing the song again.

And then “Wreaking ball” came along. I suppose I should have reacted as badly as I did when I watched the ” We can’t stop” video but somehow from the start this song fascinated me. Not only did I kinda like the song but the video was interesting as well. I know most of you would disagree with the idea that a naked woman riding a wreaking ball is interesting but I honestly found something that I liked in it; I still can’t tell you what interested me but I found myself looking up old songs of her’s and I found a few decent one’s hidden in there, one of which was “When I look at you“.

Many of you would disagree with my assertion and I can’t blame you, initially it was my reaction to hate the antics of  pop stars too but there is honestly something talented inside of her that I can’t help but like. She may be grinding up against people’s crotches in baby pigtails (I don’t even know what to think of that) and she may be showing a bit more nudity than I am comfortable with but she is actually making decent music and she is achieving her objective of being provocative and entertaining so I honestly don’t think she is doing anything wrong here.

If there is one thing I disagree with is her glorification of drugs in her lyrics which I thought was unnecessary, a lot of musicians use the same thing in their lyrics but am I wrong in hoping that drug popularization doesn’t occur in every genre of music?

Over all I think Miley is doing what she wants to do and she isn’t being any more provocative than any other pop artist out there so frankly I don’t see what all the fuss is about. And as for the other controversies that have been surrounding her, well….I’m not going to comment on her personal life. I hope she going to continue to make good music and I hope that she doesn’t go off the rocker as many other Disney child actors have.

For those who still have trouble seeing that she has talent and that a few of the songs she makes are actually quite good, I present to you exhibit (a); these are her SNL performances which were what influenced me to make this post in the first place.

Also the last video is the directors cut edition of “Wreaking ball” although I liked the initial video, this version is more powerful.

I hope you enjoy them.


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