I wish…




I wish you were here to quiet my fears

I wish you where here to dry all my tears

I wish that your absence didn’t make me feel broken

I wish that the words I crave hadn’t been so long unspoken

I wish you where there when they tore me asunder

I wish you where there to show them your thunder

I wish I didn’t miss you so much

I wish I didn’t crave your touch

I wish so much that you were by my side

I wish that we could take it in our stride

I wish I could just see your face

I wish I could just finish the race

I think I wish the most of all

That I didn’t wish for you at all

So I could live now in peace

But now I’ll never be released

Hey guys, I’m back sorta. I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep so basically this is me trying to get back. I thought I’d try poetry again because that was easier….turns out I was wrong but at least it’s done.

Before you ask; no I have not experienced a huge earth shattering love since the last time I wrote on the blog, but rather this is about the absence of being loved. It’s wishing that there was someone that was someone there that would…..I don’t know who I want in this; maybe its a boyfriend, maybe its a partner, maybe a friend….. whatever it is it ended on a note that was fictional. I don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting someone……till then let me figure out who it is I want.

I hope you have been well people of the world and I hope you are still willing to go to the part of the world where my mind wanders. I can’t offer you substance all the time, I can only promise that I will be sincere.

I think I need to figure out what I write about….so whoever reads this you’re in for a lot of uncertainty.



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