Ode to…


I’ve been alone for long enough

I don’t want it anymore

I’ve seen the inside of emptiness

I won’t walk through that door

You broke me out from my own cage

I didn’t have a key

You gave me back my sanity

so I could really see

So why have you now gone away

was it all just a dream

A trick of the light not ever true

left me flowing in this stream

I might not know the all of you

but I’ve seen more than you know

I may not have the answers

but I’ll never let it show

While you may hide in your hole

I won’t be able to see

but you can’t hide the emptiness

that has been a part of me

I know I said I wouldn’t wait

and I couldn’t see your truth

I know I sometimes speak in haste

and it may not be very couth.

I never thought I needed you till

I thought you were gone

I never needed anyone

because there was no one to need from

So go away so far away

that I won’t hear a word

but come back someday

and I will never ask the words you cannot say

I’ll sit here in silence

Although I know it will be long

I will not fear the hours

I will not hear the gong

You will be back someday

Now that is plain to see

So content in this silence

For now I shall be

Okay people of this world, I know I said I’m not a poet and I still stick to that assertion but I felt it would be better to write a poem about it than to actually write what happened. I am still not happy about what happened and it may take me awhile to get over it but I understand now.

I haven’t forgiven you Mr.Purple… not entirely  but I don’t care about what happened. Do what you need to do and come back. Riftwalker……I don’t even know what to say to you anymore. You’re not entirely to blame for what happened but you were a big part. I won’t go over the way this whole ordeal made me feel today because I am wrecked. I feel emotionally drained and slightly….pathetic but I will be better soon.

Whatever happens I will be okay soon.

This poem is dedicated to all my friends who don’t even know how important they were in making the person I am today. I could never thank you guys enough and I don’t even want to think about life without you guys.

Wherever you guys are, whatever your problems are I am always there for you, I will always stick up for you, and I will always be your friend.

Be well people of the world and do me a favor today; don’t dwell on the sadness in the beginning of the poem. I don’t want to be responsible for making you sad. Think instead of the optimism that it ended with. If that’s all you take from this poem today then I’ll still be a happy person

Thanks for dropping by

Your’s Truly

Marching to drums

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