Chapter 16

Well hello people of the world. There are only four more chapters left till I stop posting chapters on the blog. I know this one is short but I have gone back and I am fixing all the chapters from the beginning with the help of fellow blogger TryingSomthingNew. It’s going to take a long time, and sometimes the thought of having to finish the whole book scares me but I know that there is so much I can do with this so I’m not going to stop. I know that most of you don’t even remember where the story last left off but I told you guys that I would post twenty chapters here so I will stick to that. With that said, here is chapter 16.

Chapter 16

“How are all the aches and pains now?”, Patrick’s bright voice broke through my reverie.  His voice really should have been annoying but somehow the sincerity behind it overcame the part of me that hated everything shiny. It was a miracle he had been able to keep such a happy disposition day after day when he hung out with the people he considered friends.

“I’ve got a feeling that you want me to say that everything is hunky dory but with Bharat trying to bore a hole into my head I don’t think I can muster enough fakeness for that”, I might have been a bit snarky but I think I deserved some slack. Patrick grimaced and gave me a consoling pat on the back. “he only does it because he wants you to be stronger. If you can keep him out of your head then you could keep your dark side under wraps too”. Okay so maybe Patrick could be a by annoying. I don’t know what bharat was trying to do but everytime he and Devon hurt me I got closer and closer to losing it. A part of me even thought that maybe that was exactly what he wanted.

I tried to concentrate on the progressing accountancy class but the words just went through my ears. Even if I didn’t have a headache to kill all other headaches, I still wouldn’t have understood a word he said. Accountancy had never been my strong suit, actually aside from English, I had never been any good at academics so I just stopped trying.

Looking next to me Patrick was busily writing notes in a large journal that looked like it almost entirely full. Three seats away jalal seemed like he was trying very hard to write something, whether he was succeeding was up for contention. Similarly Salem and Devon were also diligently writing notes even Bharat was lazily scribbling something down in a book. I guess their group had a must do homework clause, good thing I wanted nothing to do with them.

A poke from Patrick mad me turn to face him “take down what he’s saying man or you’re going to miss out” he whispered. I looked at him for a second and then just shook my head. I think he was about to say something but the teacher kept on talking so he went back to taking notes leaving me to my thoughts.

I needed a vacation, something, anything that wasn’t here. I just needed sometime to unwind away from all this danger and fucking intrigue. As if of their own volition my eyes closed and thoughts of serine blue waters and islands in the Caribbean came to mind. I was lost in this thought when a dark figure appeared in the horizon. I tried to push that thought away but the figure kept advancing undeterred. The closer it came the more dread started forming in my stomach. I suddenly didn’t want to be there anymore, I tried to wake up but was stuck.

Slowly the figure progressed till it was standing right in front of me then I realized that the figure was me. “Welcome home” I crooned to myself. I woke up screaming only to realize I was still in class and that every eye was on me. Crap, this day just keeps getting better and better.

That’s it for now dudes. Once I have edited the chapters completely I will put up a link to my wattpad account so you guys can see the story in it’s entirety. Till then


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