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Hello people of the world. Let’s try this again. Redoing posts is one of the worst feeling ever but I am going to push through it because I need to post something. Anyway I know that you guys hate me right now but I’m really trying to think of ways to be better so don’t be too mad.

Recently while talking to a girl in college, I started talking about my writing. She is also a writer (mostly poetry) asked if I ever wrote any poetry to which I responded with the polite equivalent of “fuck no”. I just can’t picture myself writing poetry so it doesn’t come naturally. Then she asked me the question that led to this post today; she asked me “why limit yourself?”.

I thought this was a very good question and it made me wonder why I never did write any poetry. I think I feel that me writing poetry will be to pretentious so I avoided it ,but why not try. At the very least if I suck then I will be able to say so with confidence the next time someone asks.

I am going to write the following poem again from what I remember. I am only going to do this in on sitting in maybe ten minutes so it will probably not be any good but I hope it isn’t terrible.

There once was a boy not long ago

who lived in his head always full of woe.

He tried to get the world to see

who he really wanted to be

but people see what they want to see

and left him to his misery

Now that boy is as bright as day

he never lets a frown on his lips stay

He throws on a silly smile

so no one sees the death inside.

The boy that was has gone away

had direction but now led astray

he lost his mind along the way

it will not come back if you beg or pray.

as you cry for what once was

lets not forget the guilty ones

who led this poor boy to his fate

his trust has now been laid to waste.

if you see such savagery

that brings a dreamer to his knees

don’t you stand idle by

or see his broken visage in your dreams as you cry.

I am aware that the rhyme scheme is all off and that the topic is very depressing so don’t think badly of me for it. As I said, I tried to do this in as little time as possible so pardon the errors. Also I am not depressed, I am simply angsty so there is no cause for concern.


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