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Hello people of the world. I know that most of my readers are still teenagers so lets talk about something that all of you must have heard about. It is common knowledge for teenages (and most other people) that any popular book,movie,T.V show or anyone who is remotely famous has fanfiction written about them.

For those few that do not know what fanfiction is, they are stories written about popular characters and people by ardent fans. These days Fanfiction has expanded to include podcasts,art work and many other variations. 

As far as I know it started off as a means to tie lose ends to stories and to provide a turn of events in a story that the fan would have liked but now fanfiction is much more than that; it has become a way to connect with your favorite character or person. Fanfiction writers write an unending amount of stories about couples that they wish would have existed inside the story,  endings that they would have liked, alternate universes that contain the same characters but have often no relation at all to the original story and very often there are fanfictions about real people, which should seem horrible and invasive but somehow I can’t think of it as a bad thing.

Fanfictions are wish fulfilment for fans but the only thing that we can say for sure that they all have in common is the characters are the main focus. The reality behind fanfiction is that although we love the world that the characters are in, the most important thing that fans identify with is the people that make the place magical; which is why alternate universe fiction is so popular. The way I see this being written was two people talking about two books they loved, then one of them says to the other “wouldn’t it be cool if the characters from (a) world were in (b) world” and the other guy goes “that would be great….why don’t you write that”; and thus it was born.

I exclusively read romance fanfictions about relationships that won’t exist in a million years and in some cases are illegal and that is y way of seeing my favorite characters have happy endings with the people I want them to have it with but there are many other types and varieties of fanfiction and many of them are written with professional skill. 

One more important fact to remember when one or more characters are put together in a fictional relationship or a relationship that you wish would happen or that you really enjoy then it is called “shipping”. Some shipping couples that I know are very popular are Kasket (Castle/Beckett from the TV show Castle) ,Hunhan (Sehun/Luhan Exo-M K  pop group), There are many pairs in books but I try to avoid those so I’m not too sure about the couple names there. Another very popular shipping in Wnincest. To understand the last one you will have too look it up at your own risk; consider yourself warned.

what Nick thinks about fan fictions xD

Fanfiction always gets a bad rep but for the most part I can’t see the harm. It’s fun to give people you admire your version of a happy ending as long as you can separates reality from fantasy. These days celebrities openly acknowledge fanfiction about them and few mind this anymore.

In truth I can’t think of a better homage to a person. What better way to show your appreciation to a person or persons. It should be kinda flattering that people love your character enough to put so much time and affection into their writings. On the other hand in the case of celebrity fanfiction I can understand why they might feel uncomfortable with some of the stories but I think most celebrities are getting used to this phenomenon.

If by some anomaly you have not yet been introduced to fanfiction then be sure to try it out here at archiveofourown, it is the biggest fanfiction database that I have found. Also a tip for first time readers; start slow. You don’t want to jump into the more kinkyer side of things too soon because that might put you off. 

That’s all there is for today people.





The last picture is used to reflect my loathing of all things Jonas ; just thought I would clear that up.

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