Up All Night

staying up lateHello people of the world. I am tired, when I say tired I don’t mean I’m a bit bushed after a long day…nope I haven’t slept properly in the past two days and I didn’t sleep at all last night. I had assignments to do (because I had forgotten to do them) so I was up all night trying to finish them. I did manage to finish it in the end but it turns out there really wasn’t any point because  the teachers didn’t take the papers. I’m going to put away that disappointment and make a list of things you guys can do to have a successful all nighter.

Caution: this is only to be used in EXTREME circumstances, everyone should get proper amounts of sleep.


This is an important one, as I was writing away I would set a song for download (with my internet connection it takes ten minutes per song) and every twenty mins I would pull up the lyrics to that song and sing along to it at the top of my lungs. When that’s over I put another song for download and go back to studying repeating the cycle every twenty minutes.

This doesn’t sound like great advice but trust me, if you are anything like me concentrating for an hour just isn’t going to happen so give yourself that break in advance and concentrate while you are actually doing your work.


Be With A Friend

I didn’t have any friends around but I was able to voice chat with one of my friends all through the night and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it if I didn’t have her messages to think about. If you can do this with a friend then it would be much easier trust me.



I do not mean alcohol at all. If you’re feeling distracted make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Coffee doesn’t really work for me but having tea gives you something to do and it gives you a bit of a lift. It is also relaxing so if it’s going to relax you too much then skip this step.


Energy Drink

This is VERY inadvisable on a daily bases but I did have one today and had an awesome rush for about two to three hours, I then proceeded to crash spectacularly for about an hour and a half, luckily I didn’t have any classes at the time but you will probably need more than one if you’re anything like me.

On a side note, the energy drink had 80 ml’s of caffeine in it…..shouldn’t that be illegal or something.

That is all the tips of staying up I have, the rest will all depend on your own will power. Be strong and don’t procrastinate and end up in this position but if you do maybe this will help out.


Also here is a list of songs I was singing along to


Happy Ending– Avril Lavigne

Sk8er Boi– Avril Lavigne

Nobodies Home– Avril Lavigne (yes I was on an Avril spree)

Raise Your Glass– P!nk

I Love It – Icona pop

La Vida Loca – Ricky Martin (just threw that in there and don’t know why.

I hope this helps you crazy people but until you have the need for these tips I hope you sleep tight and dream well.


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