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Well hello people of the world. How are you this lovely (insert time of day here). After yesterday I  have been wanting to give you guys something to smile about so I thought that today I would make a list of videos to make you smile. I think after the wonderful reception that the bubble video got (watch it here), you guys seem to have a taste for the quirky and slightly bizarre so hopefully some of these will interest you.

This Boy Is A Bottom

I think this is the best parody that I have ever watched. After the success of “this girl is on fire” by alicia keys, there have been a lot of parodies but this one really took the cake. This was also when I was first introduced to the sensation that is Willam Belli who is the lead singer for this piece. She/He (I’m not sure what Willam prefers) is amazing and after watching this video I kinda went on a Willam binge. Try this out, it will definitely give you a few laughs.

After Hours

Well this is actually a series made by They are a Youtube channel that makes sketches and the like but somehow I found this episode of After hours and I got completely hooked. I spent the next few hours watching all the videos so if you are looking for something to binge on this is it.

Let’s Have a Kiki

Okay this is a song so it’s not like the other videos and I’m sure that most of you have heard this song but I was surprised to find that many have not, so I decided this deserved to be featured. This song is awesome and the moves are even more awesome so you have to check it out. It’s by one of my favorite bands the “Scissor Sisters” so when  you have time listen to their other songs, you won’t regret it.


That’s all I can Think of for today. I hope the videos prove to be interesting and make you smile.


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