Black clouds with silver linings




Hello people of the world. I know that by now you guys are pretty sick of me going back and forth on the blogging, that is why I am writing this post at 11:30 in the night, just so that I will get back in the flow. TO be honest I have written posts much later than this at times, but I have changed my schedule as of late so now I feel incredibly tired after 11.

Anyway I was thinking (as I do) about what I usually blog about and I thought today would be a good day to go over a topic that should be dwelt on more often; Positivity. So to illustrate this topic I am going to provide to versions of the same day and you can choose which one you prefer.

The Dark Side

This all happened on Monday…which is probably the shittiest day of the week just because you know everything is going to suck on Monday. For whatever magical reason I wasn’t able to hear the alarm again and I overslept. Getting up at seven I had to rush and stuff bran flakes down my throat (I hate bran) with milk powder milk (I was too lazy to buy it) and run.

I got to the stop way ahead of the time I thought that things were going good till the train got ten minutes late. I got into the train and was pushed out-of-the-way of getting a seat by some old guy, making me want to punch him in the face. I was also prevented from getting a seat by a lot of other people so I was standing for an hour.

When I finally reached the station I was ready to relax so I didn’t rush to the gates as I usually do, which turned out to be a huge mistake because by the time I got there, four more trains had reached the station and I was left in the back of a mile long line. Getting out of the station I was practically begging for a bus but no such luck. After waiting even more I finally got a bus which I found out later was going nowhere near my stop.

I then ended up running to college anyway that I could only to find that my efforts had been pointless since the first two classes had been canceled.

After college (mercifully) finished I made my way to the gym where I experienced new at the gym jitters which made me clumsy, which is a recipe for embarrassment. Somehow I finally managed to make my way to the high way after the gym hoping to catch a bus back to the metro. As usual my hopes were not rewarded and I ended up getting drenched. Due to lack of transportation, I had to jump on the rear bumper of a truck that would go to the station. I was already impractically standing on the edge of the rail, along with that the guy standing next to me seemed determined to push me off the car.

I finally arrived at the stop soaking wet and got on the train but since the AC was on full blast I immediately got sick and as I write this now, I can’t stop coughing.

The Bright Side

Monday…finally a day where I didn’t have to dread school. I still had to go to college but that was actually pretty interesting. For some reason I didn’t hear the alarm but after waking up at seven I was still able to get dressed and ready in less than fifteen minutes. I ate some bran flakes which aren’t my favorite, but I am trying to be healthy so this was a good thing.

I got to the station in record time but since the train hadn’t reached, I waited around listening to  Lana Del Rey. The time I was waiting let me thing about the meaning of the song “Carmen” which gave me new appreciation for Lana.

I didn’t get a seat on the train because an old man beat me to it. I would have given him t\he seat anyway so it doesn’t matter. I didn’t get a seat later also but that was because I gave the seat to people who needed it more than me, which made me feel good.

I decided to relax on the way out of the station and because of that I had fun standing in line listening to The killers album “Sams Town”. While the other people were going crazy I was just doing a secret dance in the crowd singing “When you were young” under my breath.

When I got out and caught a bus, I found the bus was going nowhere near the college so I got out at the final station. The bus driver must have thought I was an employee at the office building he dropped me at because he didn’t charge a dime for the travel.

I decided that I wasn’t going to make it to class anyway so I took my time getting to the college. When I got to college, I found that the fist two classes had been canceled so I hadn’t missed anything. This made me ridiculously happy and I was able to concentrate on my work.

I went to the gym after college and I had a great time. The equipment was unfamiliar looking so it took me a while to get the hang of it but when I finally did, I had a lot of fun. I got out earlier than I expected and went to the highway to catch a bus but there was no one to be seen, so I took a van to the station. I chose to stand on the rear bumper because I wanted to feel the rain, and to me it felt beautiful.

I got home and had a but of a cough but I knew that it was worth the trouble.

SO, people of the world. Which one is better and which scenario do you think applies to me. Anyway, thanks for being patient, hopefully I’ll put out another post soon. Also  wrote a thousand word essay for a competition, hopefully that will go well.

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