To be heard



Hello people of the world. I have calmed down a bit since my last two posts. I read them back and man….. I sound like a complete drama queen. Anyway I have come up with a solution to stop me from constantly wallowing in sorrow.

I have decided to do something with my life *gasp*

I have also come up with a few ways to make me feel like I am doing something so tell me what you think of the ideas.

  • Get a part time job- In western countries, part time jobs are a way of life. Everyone at some time or another has had one, here…..not so much. I think if I could get a job on the weekends then I could still get good marks while earning something.
  • Volunteer- I have applied to several organisations so I’m looking forward to see if anyone will respond. If I do join one of these organisations then I won’t be doing the job or getting the money but at least I will be doing something that I care about. On a side note I have only applied to LGBT organisations, I feel that you will only volunteer completely and with enthusiasm, if the cause is close to your heart.
  • Get a boyfriend- This is incredibly unlikely. I know because I have tried several dating sites and found that people are only interested in sex. Not that I’m not, I like hooking up as much as the next guy but people here are almost all in the guys here are in the closet and only interested in doing the deed and bailing.  As a disclaimer, I don’t approve of using boyfriends as a time pass or as a way of feeling fulfilled. I was just saying that now that I have the time it would have been nice if I could have one……
  • Finish my book-I haven’t been working on the  book as much as I should have but I have managed to reach chapter 20 and after sending the drafts to my mom, have received encouragement to continue. I trust my mom to be objective on this and if she didn’t like it or thought it was crap, I am sure she would have found a way to get that across to me.

So what do you think. This plus college plus going back to the gym starting this tuesday (yay 😀 !!!) will keep me pretty busy don’t you think.

I hope that things work out. I think the major problem is that I have too much time  to think and am not to do so hopefully that will change now.

Also to answer the question of why I’m not making a meaningful post today….well it takes a while. I need to think of something to write about so that will come in due time….


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2 responses to “To be heard

  1. I heard a saying a long time ago – Action Creates Excitement. The idea being that just being up to something – being in action – creates excitement and something new.
    I think a part time job sounds good! That will give you a social outlet as well as money.
    You love to write so being involved in the book sounds wonderful.
    Best of luck!

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