How Gay Can You Go

Aah I was taking a trip down memory lane an decided it was sorta funny. It’s been six months since I wrote this and it makes me kinda sad. Times flies.

looking and perceiving



Arividechi my fellow bloggers and other people (wait is arividechi hello or bye in Italian ?). If you guys have been reading my blog consistently then you will know that recently I wrote a post about stereotypes, and if you haven’t well I think you suck. Just kidding, you guys please don’t stop reading my blog. Anyway I was telling you guys how I thought I didn’t fit into any group so I decided to make a list of what people normally associate with gayness and see how much of it applies to me, so here goes

  • Do you take a lot of care about your appearance

While I do care what about what I ware most of the time, sometimes I am content to just walk out wearing flip flops an old baggy T-shit and slightly torn shorts. Also I know a lot of straight guys that take care of their appearance more than I…

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