Hey people of the world. I have been saying for a while how I wanted to make a list of the best Bollywood songs and I had finally decided to make said list, but in the process of writing I found that it was taking way too much time because I had to explain the context so I am going to do a review of one movies plus a song from it that I like.

Mujse Fraaandship Karogi“. is a relatively new Bollywood movie. The friendship part is misspelled on purpose because of the way indians tend to pronounce the word. Despite the questionable name and completely new cast this movie was actually good. The songs weren’t too many in number and two of them were actually good.

In the movie the two protagonists use the Facebook ID’s of their “hot” best friends because the protagonists are into the best each other best friends. So pretending to be her best friend our heroine talks to the guy she is into but she doesn’t know that the hero is also using the Facebook account of his friend so that he can talk to the friend of the heroine but instead ends up talking with the heroine.

While talking to each other in the guise of their respective friends they find that aside from the hotness they do like each other’s personality. This is already a mess but then there is the added fact that the main protagonists hate each other while they are falling in love with the online version of them. Later the girl ends up actually liking the other protagonist and she stops talking to the internet guy thinking that our hero is better. Our hero is also starting to fall in love with her but being the stubborn douche that he is he still persists in talking to the online girl because she is hot.Then things go wrong again and there so basically they hate each other and then they like each other and then an incident happens and they hate each other again and then they make up and then they break up because everything comes out and then they finally make up again.

I have had it. I am so confused by this that I’m not writing anymore. You thought inception was confusing try Bollywood. I’m going to stop here, try watching to movie with subs, aside from the song translations the movie is actually pretty good and far from the norm in Bollywood cinema so try it out you might like it.

Also this post is probably useless since you guys probably didn’t get a word of this. Watch the movie I really can’t bother trying to clarify anymore.

As for the song, there are two that were really good from it, One is the first song in the movie. It is a light poppy song and music wise it is nothing you haven’t heard before but even this is a different direction in Indian cinema. I’ll link a translation of the lyrics to you  but it is absolutely ridiculous. This is what happens when you take things too literally. I’ll link it in the name but seriously do not think that this is actually what is meant here. The name of the song is “Bate Shuru” and it basically means let’s start talking. The lyrics are pretty funny, too bad it doesn’t come across….well at least not in the way it was meant. The second song is played during the ending credits.  The lyrics basically keep saing that the person is in every breath and every heartbeat. Corny I know but the singing in this is a tradition sufi style and
I have a weakness for that.

I just went to the wiki page and everything was explained so much better there so I’m just going to leave you with the song, enjoy.


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