Hello people of the world. I just wanted to announce to the few people of the world who actually read my blog that I have officially started reading again. Over the last year the number of books that I have read very few books for various reasons. For one I actually had friends and these friends often wanted to do things, the other reason was that, I just lost interest in reading.

Every now and then there would be a few that stood out, and while they kept me happy they never made me dive into the story as books used to. Now that I actually have time to read I have made myself look through the variety of books available to see of there is something that will take me by storm and not let me go.

Somehow I feel like that description was creepy…

Anyway with the start of my new resolution to read more, I have decided to open up my goodreads account again.

It has been a while and looking at the number of forgettable books makes me feel a bit depressed, but I have decided that the few exceptions wouldn’t be as good if they weren’t exceptions.

Another thing that I noticed (okay I already know this but humor me) was that I read a lot of romance novels, and I mean a lot. I guess my own life is so devoid of romance that I look for it in every book.

Anyway moving on from that depressing topic, I wanted to spend a minute to discuss romance novels. Before someone out there tries to defend them to me, I just want to tell them that I more than anyone loves romance novels. They are light, fluffy and leave you with a pleasant feeling of happily ever after, but the best part of the quintessential romance novel is that it is very transient. I feel like most novels could be interchanged for the other and you wouldn’t even notice the difference.

Despite knowing this I still go through every list to see if there is something new that will make me fall in love with it as I used to. I have become inured to pure unadulterated sugar now. The only way that I will really notice it is if there is something that makes it more real to me than the rest. On that note I wanted to leave you guys with a list of Novels you should check out.


Okay so I haven’t actually read this book but I have read the reviews and they are certainly worth reading. From the sounds of it this is a very terrifically unintentionally funny. I only listed this because the reviews gave me lots of laughs.



This a short story and it is beautiful in a tragic way. It is far to short to actually tell you about it but spare five minutes of your day to read this, you won’t regret it. The link in the title will take you to the site where you can download it. Enjoy.


The last thing I want to share with you is a recipe. It’s hardly a recipe but try it anyway. When I am reading I like to drink something hot like a cup of tea or hot chocolate but when I was ten we didn’t have hot chocolate that often so to appease me my mother used to make another concoction. Turmeric with milk. Hang on, I know that must have sent you running for the hill but hear me out. This mixture has always been a favorite of mine probably because of the memories and I am sharing with you guys so YOU DAMN WELL TRY IT!!!!

okay so these are the steps.

  1. Heat the milk till it’s searing hot (my preference you guys could just use warm)
  2. Add sugar to taste
  3. Add pinch of Turmeric powder (I repeat a pinch you seriously do not want to overdo it)
  4. Mix until sugar is dissolved
  5.  Let it rest (This stage is important because if the mixture doesn’t settle there will be a lot of particles that will choke you.)

And that is it enjoy your drink and remember to sip it slowly, if there are some particles remaining it won’t choke you if you don’t down the whole thing in a gulp. Also there will be sediment on the bottom so either don’t drink that or drink it slowly. I realize that after all of this you guys will probably not drink this but try it out…it can’t hurt (much). It’s also good for your health, I forgot how exactly.


9 responses to “Romantic

  1. “They are light, fluffy and leave you with a pleasant feeling of happily ever after”
    I think this is perfect! I used to read epic fantasy – until it got just too – epic.

    That’s when I got hooked on Urban Fantasy. Usually an light fun read that makes you feel better when your done.

    Glad to hear you are reading again!

      • Wow there are some very strong opinions about this series!! I’m interested, most people seem to think that it picks up the pace from the third book.

      • I personally loved it from the first book. It’s now 23 books deep and it’s the only series I’ve read where it still feels fresh and action packed. Most authors have a great idea and write it with 3 books or so. Then they need to make more so they take a smaller idea and stretch it. (belgarad series as an example).
        The Desden Files also practically made the Urban Fantasy genre. (it was around before his books but he made it mainstream – kinda like Tolkein did epic fantasy). Anyway, highly recommend the books. {g}

  2. Try hot water poured on to a crushed piece (small) of root ginger (having peeled off the tough outer skin first), add a slice of fresh lemon – no sugar (unless you have that infantile sweet tooth). This is guaranteed to wakes up your liver and is a great way to start your digestive system every morning. As for books, try ‘Pompeii’ by Robert Harris, especially if you’re into Roman history; bet you won’t want to put it down.

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