Pride vs Arrogance



Hello people of the world. Today I am going to talk to you about fine lines, especially one in particular, the line between pride and arrogance. I have seen many arrogant people in my life and people often make the mistake of describing this as pride. I have at many times of my life also been called arrogant so I want to clarify today that there is a difference. It may not be a huge difference but that fine line does exist for a reason.

One instance in particular comes to mind when I think of this. It is something that happened with my brother about two weeks ago. He was talking about his profession and we ended up talking about what it take to succeed in his field. He listed some of the traits that he thought were important; they were Smarts,Determination,Drive and Arrogance. 

I was pretty surprised when I heard this, because for some reason unknown to me, (or rather a reason that I haven’t cared to find out) I have a deep seated dislike of anything that can be described as arrogant, so as expected this led to a huge discussion about arrogance which led to a fight (as all of our discussions eventually end). Anyway even though I thought we had gotten over it my brother brought this incident up later when he called me arrogant over something I did, which made me think over whether I was truly arrogant.

As I was thinking about it I came to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with someone being proud of their work as long as it doesn’t affect that person doesn’t laud it over other people. I think that when someone is arrogant it is when that someone rather than just being proud of their work goes over to other people and rubs it in that he did better work than them.

Now lets go back to the incident. My brother called me arrogant because when of the following. I was talking about something and after I was done he asked me if a word I used was in fact a word or not. To properly understand this I have to clarify, my brother and I are both very fond of the English language and it is always a sore subject when one of has to be corrected so when he asked me whether the word existed I replied by saying “Of course it does”. 

Now I’ll leave it to you to decide. Was what I did a show of arrogance or rather about having enough pride in my knowledge of the language to not doubt the certainty of whether it was a word or not.

I know that the above example may seem trivial, but I only used it to illustrate the point. I want you guys to think about it and tell me is are pride and arrogance the same thing and even if they are different are they still mutually inclusive. Looking back at the example I am thinking I should change it to a more coherent example…..screw it.


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