I see crazy people



Hello people of the world. It’s that time again, yes as you have already guessed its this is the post where I talk about myself (cue ominous music). I promise I have some point to this so it won’t be a complete waste of time. I always try to have some sort of moral of the story at the end of one of these. I like talking about my life but I feel the need for you to get something out of this, hence I will try to make some sense out of this.

I was thinking about my recent choice of books, movies,series of late and I came to a weird conclusion, I like crazy people. Maybe the best example of this is, my own writing. No matter what book I write, I can’t seem to put a single sane character into them. Sure some of them will be more sane than others but overall, they are all pretty crazy. Other examples can be of the shows and movies I like. Luther,Dexter,V for Vendetta all of these things have something in common. All of them have lead characters that are insane.

This made me question a few things. I have a tendency to revel in all that is different. I say different literally, not in a “everybody is unique kind of way”. More like I have a tortured past and have been driven to the point of madness kind of different. There could be a few reasons behind this. First, it could be my obsession with being different. It could be that I am so obsessed with everything that is different and, to put it simply, not normal, that I automatically empathise with characters that I perceive to be in some small way, like me. They may all be crazy but sometimes I think I am crazy too and what is more different from a crazy person.

Another explanation can be SOCIETY. I put that in caps because it needs the emphasis. Sometimes I feel that everything we see and feel is just a side effect to society’s perceptions. Once upon a time it was only cool to be a jock or a cheerleader but as of late things are changing and the media is changing with it. Yes, to a certain extent people like that are still considered cool but as my brother keeps saying, “The rise of the nerds/geeks is coming” and he is correct. It is getting more and more acceptable everyday to be different or less than perfect. So you may not look like the next Brad Pitt and play football(in our case cricket), if you can hack the school board in less than ten minutes then I guarantee you will be more appreciated.

While I say this, there is still a bit of stigma surrounding being different therefore those who are publicly and unashamed different could be classified as yesteryear’s bad boy (or something to that effect). What I am getting at through this long-winded dialog is that, being different is the flavor of the season. I’m not saying that it will go away soon but I can tell you that while it is here people are going to want to be different. So again going back to my previous point. Do I just like these things because they are cool right now or is there something to be said for empathizing with serial killers.

I’m not sure what I have proved through all of this. It’s just made me feel more confused. Tell me what you think, is being different popular right now or am I deluded and is the above meme correct in its hypotheses. Are crazy people sane and sane people crazy. Tell me in the comments.



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2 responses to “I see crazy people

  1. I’ve like crazy people too. They usually are some of my favorite characters, example: Spike, Crowley( love hate relationship that it way too complicated), Moriarty. I think that the people who are different are just more interesting. Not that people who follow the ‘norm’ are uninteresting.

    • Somehow I find, I just don’t know that many “normal” people. Not that I don’t like normal but I seem to surround myself with weird people.I guess it’s just a matter of taste.

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