Eclectic Promotion Mix

Hello people of the world. Today I thought I would focus on something less conspiracy theoristy and make a list YEAH !!!!. Sometimes you have to focus on the bright side, and these days I haven’t been so I am going to promote five interesting things that I have seen recently that have given me some degree of joy.

  • Rantasmo (YouTuber)

For some reason this guy reminds me of my brother…if he was nicer,white and gay (yes I do tend to focus on LGBT things so let’s get that out-of-the-way). This YouTuber is very unknown and that to me is shocking. He has a really interesting and understated sense of humor that appeals to me. He like me talks about LGBT things but in a significantly funnier way. He also has a deadpan way of delivery that makes him that much more entertaining. I really think this guy deserves more views so I thought I would highlight him. Give him a look worst comes to worst you would have learned something interesting about gay cinema, literature or something else in that line.

  • Lucid (Band)

It must be my day to highlight the underdog because this band is also another woefully unknown. Today I was reading a post by Project south seaย and he shared a post on a forum about a band. It’s a long story so I suggest you just check out his post through the link. Anyway I listened to the band and I really liked it. There is something about a rock band with violins and saxophones that you just have to love.


This is the second time I have highlighted this guy in the same post but I have a thing for guys that are funnier than me, which admittedly isn’t too hard to be but let’s just say that I find his awkwardness more than a little relatable. I’m a bit surprised that he doesn’t have more followers.Be sure to check him out.

  • Adam Lambert (Singer)

There is a fair chance that you have heard this guy ,If you are a fan of American Idol (Before all the judges bull) then you probably witnessed the perfection that was his performance of “Mad World”. I’m not just saying this because he is gay. Believe me when I saw his first music video I was convinced he was straight because he was dancing with all those women (boy was I naive). ย He makes it on the list because he like all the rest of the people on the list isn’t as known as he should be.

That’s all there is for today, I hope you guys find something new and interesting from this list. I’m think about making a list of good Bollywood songs. There are very few that impress these days but if you guys are interested I’ll find five really good one’s.

Be forewarned. Your silence will be taken as tacit agreement.


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