Clouded Glass (I’ve got Issues #17)


Hello people of the world. As promised (if a little late).  There has been a lot going on and today for a change I thought I would focus on something that isn’t related to me. If you haven’t noticed already, The world is going crazy.  The Prizm scandal or rather the “America is spying on everyone especially if you aren’t American” scandal has recently come to light due to the whistle blowing of the apparently well-intentioned security in-charge Mr Snowden.
There is just so much about this that I don’t buy and that pisses me off that I am going to have to shorten down the list to a few important points.


I’ll be frank, I really like Obama, that is why I am really surprised at this news and that is why I had to use up all my objectivity to not think the best of him. Initially I wanted to dismiss this, as I have his lack of follow through on many of his other promises, but the severity of this transgression forced me to reconsider.

The news that Mr Snowden has released basically shows that America has been monitoring everyone. Tapping phone lines, collecting e-mails and basically accessing any and all information that we untill now thought was private (at least to a certain extent).

There is a bright side though, Obama says that as long as the NSA’s system doesn’t detect any threat there won’t be able to access your private info….. for now. What’s stopping them from reconsidering this later and saying “woops we realized that we needed to look into them anyway”. Even this small liberty is given only to american citizens. Heaven help the non citizens living there. Basically they are saying you’re screwed.

Believe me I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. He has done many things which I support, but this kind of power should never exist with one person or organisation. If not him then the next person or the next to occupy the seat could exploit this for personal gain. Obama may have good intentions but how long before someone else comes along that is less (for lack of a better word) nobel.

It gives me the creeps to know that it would be the easiest thing in the world for the american government to access the personal information of anyone in the US or abroad. For better or for worse they now have power over everyone that they shouldn’t have.


Something doesn’t sit right with me in relation to this guy. I don’t buy that he just has a random change of heart and then blows the whistle on ostensibly the most powerful force in the world. As to what his intentions are, we’ll find out sooner or later.

I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist but in the face of such evidence it’s kinda hard to dismiss this. All I can do is hope for the best, and maybe this will be cancelled before it gets out of hand. If there is something that Americans prize the most it’s their privacy. I think they would agree with me when I say no one has the right to be all powerful.

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