Chapter 14

reading-lamp-4Howdy people of the world. I have returned, Victorious over sickness and other things like that….. Moving on. As promised I have for you the long-awaited (at least for me) fourteenth chapter of my book. I know it has been a long time since I posted a chapter and I apologise to those of you that still care about it. I’ve had a major case of writer’s block, so I am really happy that this is finally done. Also Mr D sorry it took so long.

Chapter 14

I was lying in bed trying to come up with a phrase that accurately described the pain I was in but somehow all that came to mind was “ouch”. I’m not my most eloquent when suffering from all manner of cuts and bruises.

Since Bharat had very unceremoniously told me the secret of his and the groups powers two months ago, a lot had changed. At first I hadn’t taken his threats seriously. What kind of high school kid really issues death threats, but as the days went on and I was almost dragged to Devon’s mandatory discipline classes everyday, I had come to understand the underlying seriousness of everything Bharat said.

Although he always sounded flamboyant and sarcastic, Bharat never made fake promises., and the more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that if I didn’t do what he wanted to do he would try to kill me. As to whether he would succeed, I wasn’t sure of that yet.

So far there hadn’t been a reason to test this theory because Bharat and hs posse seemed to always find me when there was a group of people around, at which point they would surround me like old friends and drag,me to the Wadi Kabir tunnel.

For the life of me I couldn’t make out why Bharat was so desperate to continue with these sessions. He claims that he does it to teach me control but aside from Devon’s classes I hadn’t even come close to the strange blackouts that lead to….. The thing is I’m not really sure what they led to. Patrick Jalal and Salem knew nothing about it, because two of them weren’t there and the other one wasn’t even conscious, but the two that did know what happened wouldn’t share the details.

When I asked Bharat he would say something along the lines of “you turned into a crazy rampaging demon of death that kills everything in sight” but I couldn’t quite believe that. I knew that something was happening but somehow I didn’t believe that there was something supernatural. I tried asking Devon when I was desperate enough but he just pushed me aside.

Which made me think, if anyone was getting what they wanted out of this it was Devon. He not only got to laud the information that I wanted over me,he also got to beat me down on a regular basis as revenge for me beating him at the school. The simple truth was as I an there is no nothing I could do to beat Devon. He was stronger, better trained and had powers that specifically strengthened parts of his body till he could literally lift and throw a car with his bare hands. But inside I knew the real reason he wanted to beat me again and again.

Devon was scared of me. Before me there was no one who could stand up to him physically. Bharat might have beaten him with sheer intelligence but he didn’t see him as a rival. A part of

me was scared that I had made a powerful enemy, but another part, that was gaining in prominence fast was gleeful at the new-found control over him. What disturbed me the most about this realization was that these thoughts didn’t feel like mine anymore. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t alone in my head anymore.


And that’s it. I do have many other chapters ready so I will be able to upload them on a weekly basis again. On other news. I realise that my original purpose for this blog has wavered quite a bit. Starting now I’m taking back my old goals so hopefully tomorrow I’ll post a “I’ve got issues” post and then I’ll try to work out a schedule, but these are uncertain times when nothing can be taken for granted.

I’m sure that is a line from a movie but I can’t peg it…..



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