Heat Stroke



Greetings people of the world. The sun has finally set to a wonderfully shady day in India. I suppose I am lucky that within a few days of my coming here the sun has started to take a break every once in a while, but in one way this reprieve is too little too late. For those who haven’t already guessed, I have suffered from heat stroke recently. It shouldn’t be such a big deal, everyone in India gets it at one time or the other, but my year in the comfort of my well air-conditioned room left me unprepared for the heat here.

The sad bit is I actually thought I was doing well. At the very least I wasn’t doing badly, but I dare any one of you to undergo the symptoms I had and not want to pack up your bags and leave. The major symptoms I had were

  1. Headache (Felt like I had my own personal mt Vesuvius in my head)
  2. Body ache (Moving my legs was made impossible)
  3. Stomach ache (It felt like I had the thing from Alien v Predator in me)


For one day I was delirious and in pain but I dealt with it. After that day I thought okay that wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I WAS SOOO WRONG. The next day I didn’t sleep all night because of the pain and I threw up so many times that I actually had bruised muscles that made it hard to breath. So I haven’t had the best of weeks. Before you ask, It’s not that I am just a big ol wimp. I was going out more than the rest of the family because of various reasons.

So top tips when coming to India

  1. If you are caucasian or fair wear suntan – There isn’t any shame in it and it will save you a lot of pain later.
  2. Do not eat the food from carts – You will regret it. Trust me
  3. Have a secret pocket or inconspicuously hold on to your possessions I always have one hand in my pockets
  4. Take the metro– There is a 99% chance that you will get lost on any other form of transportation.


And that is all that I can write about here. There are so many things that one needs to know but its all situation based or the list would never end. If  you follow these rules you have a 50% more chance of surviving, the rest it up to you.

In the positive side of news. My dad has reached India as well. He got here early this morning and I am glad to see that I am not the only one that needs to adjust to the weather. He also brought thee laptop which I expected but he managed to do something which I had not expected, he actually managed to get it fixed. It’s a shoddy job and it looks like shit but at least it’s not broken and we even got a new battery, so it actually performs its function as a  “laptop”.

On books news. I was going to post a chapter today but my schedule (what’s left of it) got screwed up because of my illness. I swear guys through the fog of my fever crazed brain and with the crappy typing abilities on the phone I still managed to make a post but just as I was about to publish it the whole thing decides to void itself for no damn reason. If I hadn’t been sick I would have had a mad phone stomping rage. Anyway, I’ll post a chapter tomorrow, I hope you guys are still interested. I have made quite a few chapters in the free time that I had, so I have plenty of material. I’ve been thinking I might try to get it published my self. I might not get much money, or even break even when I’m done but at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing that others have read my work.

I do count you guys but you’re more like extended family. See ya soon





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