Sup people of the world, how is life in your corner of the world. Things re really picking up at a surprising rate. On the one hand I knew that the date of my flight was coming up but I must not have really understood it because now all my clothes are in suitcases and I find myself doing last-minute shopping. Yes the flight is in two days but it seems like yesterday when I had a month left and now it’s almost time to leave.

Now that my college prospects ave been narrowed down due to my marks, there are only a few places that I can still apply to that have a good reputation. I have applied to get one of my papers re checked just in case there was a problem so I can still hope but in any case the major decision now is where to go. There are a few colleges in Kerala that might be okay and which my dad wants me to go to but for the most part I’m hoping to get into a Delhi college. For those of you that aren’t from India Delhi university is one of the top universities in India and it is the place that I have always wanted to go.

Initially my desire to go there was just because of how it looked. The buildings in one of the colleges weren’t particularly new or modern but they had a charm that mesmerized me. Red brick colonial structures with wonderful park like courtyards it was like something out of a book. It’s probably not as special as I am making it out to be but that first impression has always stuck with me. Coincidentally one of the top colleges in India is also under this university. St Stephen’s is the top college for almost every subject and a degree from here comes with a lot of prestige so I obviously wanted to get into it. Seeing as my marks are going to make that hard I have had to come up with other ideas. There are other colleges under Delhi university that have a good reputation so I am going to poly to them. I have also applied to a college in Kerala.

Most of you will not get the significance of this so I will describe it to you. Kerala is like another word. The people there are always fighting with each other verbally, there are student strikes every other day and I know nothing about the teachers. To be fair the syllabus is actually good the only thing that really scares me about going to Kerala, is my grandparents. I know I have raved about my grandma but the one in Kerala is kinda crazy. I don’t know how I could live with her for that long.

I getting packed and ready to leave on a flight tomorrow, time flies by doesn’t it. I’ll be going now, I wonder if you guys have figured out what milestone is coming up soon. See you guys soon



there are probably a ton of mistakes in this because I don’t know how to write on my phone yet

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