Hello again my people of the world. Things are changing again in my life. The event that I have been simultaneously dreading and looking forward to has just about arrived. It’s so strange looking back at the last five months… I don’t even know how it could already have been five months.

I feel like things were just settling down. I had made friends, I was becoming more secure about myself as a person, I was just starting to get comfortable with the way life is and now it’s going to change again. The point to this whole tirade has been to tell you guys that I’m going back to India this week.

I look back on five months ago when I first started the blog, so much has changed since then but then again a lot is just the same. I’ve been through moving so many times but this time I won’t have anyone to support me. If it was just my dad I wouldn’t mind too much but I don’t know what I’ll do without my mom being in the same country (yes I might be a bit if a whiner) I’ve only made it through all these years because she was always there to hear me when no one else would, now we’ll only be able to talk through phones, Skype doesn’t even work here.

I guess I’ve been suppressing all these thoughts because its only now that it really hits me that over there I will have no one. My brother has always been pretty self sufficient emotionally but as you may have seen in the past I am pretty prone to bursts of emotion.

Its not all bad though there will be some advantages to living alone so I won’t be all gloomy but it is a change that I am not entirely prepared for. I guess change is something that never gets old and not always in a good way. I will manage this, I’ll get through this too as I have with everything else in life and I’ll have you guys with me on the journey.

I want to tell you guys how much it has helped to just be able to write without having to worry about anything. I’m not going away for good but it may be some time before I get internet in India. I am hoping that maybe if I can convince my mom I’ll be able to get mobile internet so I won’t have to stop but it may take a while.

I know I haven’t been the best blogger if late but the thought of not being able to connect with you guys whenever I want makes me sad in a deeper way than would have thought. I’m going to be optimistic and hope that I’ll be functional again in a few days from the move but until then I’m going to be blogging as much as I can until I hit another important mark. I wonder if you guys know what that is. Tell me in the comments if you know.

On a completely different topic I finally showed my mom the book. She is always afraid that she is a bit biased so she tends to take a slightly harsher approach but she seemed to genuinely find it interesting. She also said that it was filled with errors and that the narrative style kept changing but she liked it which was a huge relief.

That’s all there is for today people I hope you have a great day



One response to “Journey

  1. If you write what you believe in your heart, your work can only get better, and better, and…. so keep persevering. Bravo for having the courage to do just that.

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