Role Models


Greeting people of the world (you see how I changed the hello to greetings). I’m not sure what day or time it is today because my sense of time is really warped right now . I guess I could check but I’m too lazy to do that. I haven’t been sleeping at proper times these past few days, any progress I had made in that direction is now completely ruined., so as you can see I am not a good role model to other but there are people who do inspire people and this past week I have been thinking about them quite a bit.

If you have a TV of WiFi odds are that you know who Ellen Degeneres is but for those who don’t she is an actress comedian and talk show host. Her show has been going strong for ten seasons and she is married to a woman who is also a wonderful actress Portia de Rossi. Before we proceed any further I would just like to state for the record that I’m not usually one for keeping role models but in the past year I have become a fan of her show and now much to my surprise as well, I regard her as my role model.

Ellen Degeneres is an extraordinary woman, not because of the huge amounts of money she gives to people in need or the guests she gets to talk too. She is amazing just because of who she is. Most of you know this but Ellen’s coming out was a matter of great contention. At the time she was still working on her sitcom named “Ellen”. It was on the show that she first started dropping hints of her sexuality which sparked a lot of anger. She has said that when she was ready to come out she decided to make the coming out happen in both aspects of her life and so for the next many episodes hints would keep being dropped until finally she did come out which was ground breaking.

Until now people didn’t know other gay people, you only heard about them in the news but now one the lead of one of the most popular shows on TV was openly gay and nobody knew what to do about it. Unfortunately the media storm and the criticism of the show eventually led to it being canceled but this unfortunate incident lead her to be the talk show host she is and to me that means the world.

Ellen’s coming out was groundbreaking but the thing that surprised everyone that most was her attitude. Ellen never once gave people the satisfaction of being angry or resentful. She bore many an unkind word said about her and responded in a calm and reasonable way that very few of us could hope to imitate. Throughout life, throughout all the struggles she has endured she has never been nothing but positive and inspiring to others. Her attitude and her refusal to be angry or defensive has made me want to be a nicer person.  Now she is fifty-five and because of all her joy and laughter she hasn’t aged and still looks like a young woman, none of her movements reflect the ailments I thought were mandatory for a woman her age. Her happiness has somehow preserved her at the age she is at her soul.

When I see her I see how much a person can achieve regardless of their sexuality, if she can become this important and stay this humble despite all the hardship she has gone through then so can I.

I know that I just spent a whole post gushing about Ellen but this was something I felt the need to talk about and there is so much to say about her that it would take several more posts of fully cover all her achievements.

I hope you weren’t bored today. Sometimes I get carried away.

Be Kind To One Another


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