Dream guy

Hey there people of the world, long time no talk. I’m still getting used to writing on the blog again so for today I thought I’d take it slow. There has been something going through my mind lately, as there tends to be. I’ve been thinking about what I would look for in the ideal man.

I want to state for the record that I don’t think there is such a thing as the perfect guy. This is just a list of things that I think
are attractive in a guy.

1. Confidence
This might be the only thing that I would count as a deal breaker would be confidence. If a guy isn’t confident and sure if himself I really couldn’t deal with him. I don’t mean cocky I mean someone who is confident in a why that isn’t obvious. He should know who he is and what he is doing but doesn’t need to shove it down someone’s throat.

2. Intelligence
I don’t think of myself as super inelegant so I like someone who is at least as smart as me, I wouldn’t hold it against him if he were smarter but not less, I think I would just get bored.

3. Niceness
I don’t think anyone would want to date a mean guy really. I think this one is pretty much a given but still I want to put it out there.

I don’t think there is ver much else that I would want in a guy although funny would be nice and also this is just a preliminary list. If I find a guy that I have a genuine connection with I might throw all these rules out the window.

Anyway that’s all there is for tonight. I haven’t slept yet and my sleep cycle is ruined yet again but I still have some time to fix it before college starts.



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