Reality Star (I’ve Got Issues #16)



Hey there people of the world. If you know how to read you know that today is “I’ve got issues” day where I talk about things that have been on my mind recently. Reality TV is the mos t popular thing at the moment and in some ways I think it is the worst thing that could have happened to television.

TV was dumb enough but when you add to the mix this additional dose of  “reality” things go down the crapper really fast. It is even more depressing to know that TV syndicates make boat loads of money from people watching bitchy women shouting at each other or over aged frat boys still living in the same house and getting sloshed every night.

Any initial hope that people’s good sense would win out has officially ended because even after so many years shows like Jersey Shore and Kardashian related shows are still at large. What disturbs me is that it took me so long to come to this point.I have been a fan of many reality TV shows, not like Jersey Shore but talent shows. I liked watching them and it made me feel like I was there when so and so artist first started out. But over the past few months my opinion of these shows has gone down hill too.

It all started with The Hunger Games. At this point I was still in denial, I thought that I didn’t watch any reality shows so imagine my surprise when I read the hunger games and it’s almost identical to any talent show, except for that fact that no one dies. At first this didn’t bother me and I went on oblivious and then a couple of months ago I start watching the X Factor and I start noticing things I had completed missed before. It was the little things at first, the little bit of over acting, the scripted lines, the dramatic music when someone was telling a sad story and then I started realizing how fake it really was.

All the girls forced to start crying, dramatic speeches given to family members conveniently right when the cameras were rolling and no one ever got in the way. I wouldn’t say my world was shattered or anything like that but this realization really ruined reality TV for me. It was at around that point I stopped watching TV, now I only watch things that state for the record that they are completely fictional.

I don’t know what it is about other reality shows but as far as talent shows go I still think they are a good opportunity for young artists to be discovered but personally I can’t watch them without wondering what is made up and what isn’t and that really ruins it for me.

What do you guys think of reality shows, are they interesting ,are they crappy, do they make you want to throw your television through the window when they come on. Tell me what is the reality show you absolutely love and on the off-chance that someone likes one if these shows, which on is your favorite.

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One response to “Reality Star (I’ve Got Issues #16)

  1. I’ve never watched, so can only say it’s never attracted me to waste my time. I still prefer to listen rather than watch.

    Discrimination is still the best weapon. If you don’t watch you can’t add to their audience numbers; the surest way to have this rubbish pulled.

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