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Hello Hello people of the world (I still haven’t been able to come up with a better opening line so we are going to stick with this for now). How are you guys going today. As you all know today is “me day” where I talk about me more than I do in my other posts. Anyway a lot has been happening these past few days so I thought I would fill you in.  Yesterday was my friend’s birthday, to some of you this seems like a mundane thing but this was really important to me.  D is a very good friend and he is one of the main reasons that the last year was so much better than the last few. He has done a lot for me in the past year but mostly he has helped me to be a more confident person, so as you can imagine I wanted to get him a good gift.

Several factors affected my choices,  one I was on a budget. I don’t know about the rest of you guys but my family does not believe in pocket-money. If I need something I have to ask them and then they give me the money required for the situation. For the most part I am OK with the situation because I don’t need to buy a lot but gifts are a different matter. I wanted to spend more but in the end I managed to pry  from them an amount of money that would be enough for a good enough gift. So my dad and I go shopping for the gift. I just want to point out a few things now, My dad and I don’t get along but when it comes to doing things together we almost always end up ripping each others heads off, add to that the fact that he was already pissed off and we have a recipe for disaster.

All this sounds bad enough but that wasn’t the half of it. D and I have similar tastes in Rock music so I decided to get him a CD…….this was probably one of my worst ideas. I have come to the realization now that Oman is a wasteland that has nothing good in it except electronics that are too expensive. I realized this because after almost three hours of searching we could not fond a place that sells music CD’s.  Finally after countless fights and hours of walking we decided to get him a shirt, so we go to a store and get him a shirt that I chose (much to my dad’s disapproval) and all I could think of was ” D helped me more than he will ever know and I all I got him was a T-shirt”. So as you can see gift getting sucks big time.

The party the next day was nice enough, we ate outside and watched Iron Man 3 in 3D (which was amazing) but this gift thing tainted it a bit for me.

Other than that I wrote an assignment for my writing class at coursers.com. They are really interesting but they should really explain their topics clearly. I thought it would be fun to share the assignment with you and get your feedback. The topic is Getting to know one another. That’s all there is for today I hope your gift giving adventurers are better than mine.





Assignment 2- Getting to know one another


Truth be told, I am not entirely sure what this assignment is supposed to entail, but the most I could gather from it was to talk about your writing in relation to the writing of others. The task seems simple enough but is deeper and more in depth than you would ever imagine.


What leads one to become a writer or to write there is no simple answer. Reading over all the different assignments I have come to the conclusion that no two people have the same motivation for writing as the other (           I know this is probably incorrect but humor me). Before starting this course I had never given much thought to how a person becomes a writer but for the sake of the fist assignment I analyzed the events that led me to label myself as one. Now that I look at the writing of others I fond my mind boggled with the diverse reasons one joins or rather practices this craft.


Personally my will to write comes from a love of stories and the will to make stories that others would not have heard but I have found that my reasoning is one of the more selfish reasons one becomes a writer. Many become writers because there is something they feel the need to talk about but what is most impressive to me are the people that write because they cannot contain themselves. Creativity and inspiration comes out of their very pores till they are almost forced to put it down to paper in any way or form.


This style of writing for me is the rawest most unfiltered way of expressing oneself. Through writing they channel the creative energy that runs through them.


Recently I read a post of a woman that didn’t want the label of a writer. She writes and she enjoys writing but she felt that the label of writer was constrictive and gave people the license to question your credibility as a writer if you didn’t have something published or if you didn’t show others your writing.


I think this is a problem that anyone who decides to write faces people constantly asking what makes you a writer. I think that the conscious decision itself to write something and to make that writing something that represents you is enough to qualify you as a writer.


There were so many other powerful pieces I read that sucked me in and made me aware of an impossibly huge network of writers that have different inspirations and aspirations, from different walks of life with completely different takes on what it means to be a writer but I think something that we can all agree on is that we all want to be heard, whether that is the main motive or just a medium we all want others to know what we have to say and that binds us in a strange eclectic but beautiful community.





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