Well hello people of the world. How are you guys today. I hope you aren’t too upset with me for not writing as much as I used to but it seems as though in the time where I didn’t have my laptop I have forgotten how to be a blogger. I still enjoy it but I find it hard to start-up. I am hoping this week will see the old me back in full force.

Today is of course “list day” which is the day where I make a list consisting of an unspecified number of items on any topic that catches my fancy. Today I thought I would go for a nostalgic theme and make a list of three games for the PlayStation 1 that I used to play non stop. There are probably other games that I am forgetting, as soon as I remember them they will go into another list later.

This game was pure gold. It was the perfect mix of slapstick and clever comedy and it just had great gameplay. There were so many great games from this series that I decided to just put the whole series on. This game was chalked full of different mini games and many playable characters that made the game interesting non stop.  This was one of those games that you could just keep playing and not get bored with it. Whenever I see this crazy bandicoot I just get a wave of nostalgia. If you haven’t played this one get an emulator for your PC and try it out because it is definitely worth it.

Again another series that I just can’t choose from. All the Spyro games were fun full of side adventures and characters that were cute and engaging. The mechanics of the game much like crash were simple enough that kids could play it

Spyro the Dragon (video game)but still entertaining enough to keep adults occupied. Spyro also had the added bonus having a cute storyline. No huge detailed scheme behind everything but still interesting enough to keep you playing even if the gameplay was not your thing


This is the one game that will consistently be on top of my best games list every time.  Aside from the fact that it was the first FF game I had ever played and that I love it immensely there are also many other things to recommend about it. Lets start off with the characters, they are wonderfully detailed not only with the looks but also with the personality. Even if the gameplay wasn’t as entertaining as it was, the story and the characters would be enough to drive the game. For whatever reason this game is one of the most underappreciated FF games out there but it is absolutely wonderful in

The main playable characters of Final Fantasy ...

every way.  Aside from the characters the gameplay is engaging and detailed in every way that counts. It also has amazing graphics which were pretty groundbreaking at the time. There is just so much to say about this game but I think you should check it out yourselves.








That’s all there is for today I hope you enjoyed todays post. Tell me in the comments what games you played when you were a kid or at least when you were younger than you are now.

On a side note Oman has changed the weekend schedule hence I am posting a day late. I will also probably start posting in the morning because I have made the conscious decision to sleep in the night not in the day time. See ya tomorrow, I might post an amended schedule but that might be redundant since I will change it again once I go to India.



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      • For sure. I think I’m going to write up a blog post on all the factors that went into why it was so underappreciated… I think a big factor was simply not having any marketing, since it came out very soon before the PS2/FFX came out. You’re always going to have a lot of hoopla around new game systems as opposed to new games for old ones, y’know?

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