Guys want to cuddle too



Hey PEOPLE!!!!!! I’m back. and I have missed you guys soo much. It’s been an entire week where I haven’t talked to you guys and I felt so sad about that. I am really glad to be back and I have missed a lot, I hope you guys aren’t pissed off at me.  Anyways there has a lot going on these  days but the most important thing is that I have gotten back my laptop. It may be banged up and bruised but at least it works.

One of the things that has happened recently is that I have read a new book. It shouldn’t sound like such an accomplishment since I love reading but I just haven’t been able to read these days. Last year I would easily do read a hundred books a year but I have really slacked off, but this post isn’t about my slack in book department. It is about something I read in the book that made me think.

In the book there was a gay kid who was pretty “feminine” and lost in his own head. I could relate to the guys because I too am a dreamer and like him I’m a romantic too. The author talks about lots of things that I don’t want to get into (if you want a review of the book tell me in the comments) but one of the things that struck me was the depiction of wanting to cuddle as feminine.

The guy in question does at sometimes act in a way that is traditionally considered feminine but this stigma that surrounds femininity is what puzzles me. I personally have a few traits that are considered somewhat feminine, I like shopping and I have picked up some affectations that people consider effeminate but that isn’t because I’m gay it has more to do with who I am.

I this particular scenario guys only want sex and girls want to cuddle. If I want to hold someone of be close with someone just because I love the person does that make me a girl. Why would you shut yourself off from that kind of affection just because it is socially not accepted.

I know a lot of guys and most of them are straight and they think of sex but that doesn’t mean that is all that is on their minds. I would like to have sex but I would put that aside for a meaningful relationship any day, as would most people.

Don’t let people make you feel like less of a person just because you don’t want to fuck everything that moves. It is up to you, you  can either accept this as a part of society or challenge the gender stereotypes and not give into all the peer pressure.

There is a much deeper root of this problem which will take too long to discuss now but just remember it is in your control how much you let people affect you. Cuddling isn’t feminine nor is it gay, it just shows that you have the emotional capacity of more than a teaspoon.

This is it for me today, I’ll be back for the “I’ve got issues” post tomorrow so please tune into that. I hope you guys didn’t miss me too much (Who am I kidding, I hope you were begging to have me back)


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9 responses to “Guys want to cuddle too

  1. 🙂 I totally agree, I wish my guy friends would not be shy to hug more! if you’re friends cuddling is just comfort and showing them you love them! I like the Harry Potter reference too…

    • Society really makes men insecure about their sexuality so they think hugging as being weak. what I do is deal with the ignorance and hug people whether they want to admit they like it or not (I’m not very liked in class 😉 )

      • Haha, I was told once that what you see with many boys is playfighting and that this is them fulfilling their want for contact without admitting they want it…Subconciously I think they do it to “hug” (well…headlock) someone..? What do you think?

      • oddly enough that actually seems plausable. Seems that the default setting for when you want contact is hitting people.

        We all know about example of pulling the pig tails of the girl you like

      • I just realised, actually this does count some for girls (not HALF as much). After hugging friends a lot (we also kind of sit on each other etc. – comfy) I have been asked if I am a lesbian. I don’t find it offensive but it just annoys me that they think physical contact has to be sexual 😦

      • True 🙂 When I see boys “man hugging” (I wonder where that term comes from?) I just want to shove them together…

  2. I dont like being touched…But yeah, some of my friends are very affectionate so that kind of leaves me very awkward. – I have missed reading your blog so much! I literally went to your page…say 100 times? I think so.

    • Thats so sweet 😀 I’ve missed writing too. I’m very affectionate so people who dislike that usually stay away but I have a few friends that don’t like to be touched in which case I can usually curb my enthusiasm.

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