Getting back and songs worldwide

Hey there people of the world, I hope you guys are having a better day than I am. First off I really want to apologize for not making a post yesterday. There was a long story involving not having a laptop and me trying but not being able to post anything. Basically I fought valiantly for you guys but I couldn’t do it so again sorry.

Anyways today is “Me Day” where I talk about myself and things that are going on with me right now. Other than the fact that my life is in stasis mode right now, not much is wrong with me. I don’t remember if I told you but I am going to join a few online courses. One of the courses teaches you rhetorical writing so I’m really looking forward to that.

The book I am writing is going well for all intents and purposes except for the fact that I still haven’t been able to come up with a name for it. If you guys can think up a name be sure to tell me about your ideas in the comments or write to me via my email If you want to talk about anything else as well know that I am always available.

Since things are going pretty well right now I thought I would take a break from the schedule and post a list today, so today’s list is four songs in four different languages.

  • Ai Se Eu Te Pego-Michel Teló (Portuguese)

If you tell me you haven’t heard this song I really won’t believe you because it seems like everyone has heard this one. I looked up the lyrics and wow I get why the girls act like that in the video. Is it weird that this guy turns me on even though he looks like a teenager. Anyways there is something in the way he sings this that is undeniably sexy so this one really does deserve a mention.


  • Fashion MonsterKyary Pamyu (Korean)

I bet a lot of you are wondering why I chose this song instead of gungnam style or gentleman by Psy, the reason is that I am just a little bit sick of that guy. There are plenty of Korean artists that deserve a mention and this one is certainly one of them. Kyary is weird eclectic and her dance style is really crazy so I had to bring this one up. The music is also really interesting that coupled with her almost childlike voice is really interesting.


  • Enta Eih- Nancy Ajram (Arabic)

This woman is completely flawless. One she looks absolutely beautiful and second her voice is stunning. I head this song and her whole album quite a few years ago and she left quite the impression. She has many great songs but I chose this one because she really brings forth that pathos that only a few artists can do successfully. As you can see I am a fan but watch this video and you will be too.


  • Sikdum– Tarkan

To start off I have always had a huge crush on this guy. He’s cool he’s got style and he knows it. This song on particular is the one that launched him to success and it is one of my favorites. I heard this a long time back before I knew what the lyrics meant and I fell in love with his voice and the beat. This song just makes you want to move, he’s like the Ricky Martin of the middle east. It is also worth mentioning that he’s undergone a bit of a makeover and lets just say if he was hot before he is blistering now.












Anyway that’s it for today I hope you liked the list and if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to tell me




2 responses to “Getting back and songs worldwide

  1. I can honestly say I’ve never heard that first song before. Like it though. He was like super happy and even though I have no clue what he’s saying but he made it look fun. Know what I mean?

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