Chapter 13



Howdy people of the world this is the thirteenth chapter of my book, enjoy.


I couldn’t decide if he was messing with me or just crazy. “hang on a minute you expect me to believe that you guys are some super hero squad that…what saves the day. Do you really think I’m going to fall for that bullshit” I said while looking directly at Bharat, I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of thinking I was doubting myself.

“I don’t need to convince you of anything” he said “I know you already thought this out. Really when you look at it there was never any other explanation, you just didn’t want to see it” and just like that my resolution to not believe him went down the drain.  The second he said it I started wondering if he was right, there was a lot that I couldn’t remember but I did remember enough to make me doubt myself. How had Patrick lifted me so easily and I wasn’t sure but didn’t one of the guys go from one end of the room to the other and hit Patrick over the head with a fire extinguisher.

“Wait was there a  guy that was doing some sort of flash run” I asked “Yes, that would be the guy that you killed” He just casually threw that out there like he was talking about the weather.  “Stop fucking saying that” I shouted but for some reason there wasn’t as much fire there than I thought there would be because for some reason I had a strange feeling he might be right maybe I did kill that guy. “Whatever you think I did, I didn’t do it okay there must have been something else going on or something……..I  don’t know” Bharat just looked at me for a minute ” you should  really give some thought to what telepathy means, everything that you thought I already know so there really is no use pretending”.

In retrospect I should have figured that out sooner, the deception I had tried to pull of moments before seemed trivial now. “No kidding man we were there too, we know what happened we just wanted to know what you would say” Bharat laughed “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD”  I shouted at him. “So I guess you believe us then” he smirked. “I don’t give a shit what you guys do just shut the fuck up, I’m out of here”, I had, had enough of this mess I just wanted to be out of here. My head was spinning although I wouldn’t let it show, but then again Bharat probably already knew what was going on in my head. Okay, I really needed to get out.

I started walking towards the entrance to the tunnel without looking at them but Devon stepped in front of me. “I don’t think so bud, you can’t just leave anymore”. I looked at him and then at Bharat and said “get your dog away from me would you”. The way Devon’s jaw clicked could probably be heard across the valley and his fists clenched as if preparing to throw a punch. I readied myself for the punch but was cut off  by Bharat’s uncontrollable chuckling. “Don’t be so dramatic Devon, you aren’t the only one with anger issues”.  Devon snarled but he  put his fists down . “Okay then crazy people sayonara fuckers” . I started walking again but this time Bharat stopped me with a hand on my shoulder.  “Well Devon is right there, you can’t leave just yet”.

I have issues about people touching me so I caught his hand and dropped it. Bharat just continued talking unphased by this. “The thing is you know too much and you are a threat to the people we can’t let you go unless we get a few promises”. I tried to look as menacing as I could under the circumstances and said “who going to stop me”. “We are of course” Bharat said with a huge smile. I raised an eyebrow “I could take you guys easy” I bluffed, I had no idea what they could do.  “Not as yourself you can’t” Bharat responded ” if you turned into mister monster you might be able to do it, but we both know that you have no idea how to control it”.

I considered this “Okay” I conceded ” we’ll do it your way, what do you want”. “Nothing much, we just want you to agree to daily training sessions with us. You’re too much of a risk out by yourself. You need to learn how to control your powers and for that you need our help”. His smile if possible was getting even wider now, I wondered if it was some kind of nervous twitch.  “You can’t be serious” I said. “Oh I am, I’m deadly serious” Bharat said.

“What if I say no to this” I asked. “Well we would have to kill you then”


Thanks for reading people, I hope you enjoyed it, don’t  hesitate to leave you comments with feedback below



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