Well this is strange

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You guys may already know this but for me this blew my mind. I knew these existed but this was the first time I looked them up. This challenge was pretty interesting so I thought why not give it a go.The challenge is to describe a person, place and thing in great detail so I thought I would describe yesterday at the gym.

So as usual the gym was packed with people and as I entered I felt a bit claustrophobic from the amount of bodies in an enclosed space. I didn’t see them though, I always looked past most of them, but one always caught my eye. I didn’t know his name though I saw him all the time. I imagine its something like Vishal because something about the word is graceful despite meaning being huge maybe because is the same muscular but graceful. At about six feet something he makes me feel kinda dwarfed.I think he is Pakistani because he is very pale but there is so little difference between Indians and them. I don’t know why but he seems kind to me, maybe it’s something in his eyes the corners of which are crinkled from laughing I think. He might be a bit arrogant but kind and always smiles at me when I see him.He seems so incongruous in this setting even though he has the muscles to show how many times he’s been here but because of there is something about him that makes me think he is used to the finer things in life. 

The gym itself is such a contradiction. On one hand there is the heavy almost cruel looking implements that litter the place and on the other the multi-colored foam mats that cover every visible inch of the floor. The walls too are in contrast to the equipment and are painted a bright enamel green.Weights lay on the floor  unattended by those that have left them after they were used. I almost trip on them every time I walk by. I wonder if they will ever replace these weights because as time goes by the numbers engraved on them grows fainter everyday. The gym’s decor and the state of the usually goes unnoticed but the members in their quest better themselves and even he doesn’t spare a glance for the crimson seats and the tastefully placed speakers. There is one thing though that they all see.

It is the mirror that covers one entire side of the wall. They all line up in front of it, some checking to see their postures others just to admire their muscles. As I look at the mirror I notice the glass is clouded, perhaps from all time that it hasn’t been cleaned. I wonder what things it has seen. I must think we are all very vain constantly working on your bodies never satisfied with ourselves.  It reflects everything and everyone, sometimes I think  that it must have a soul of its own but maybe it’s just the combined view of everything it sees. I look away from it because I can’t stand to look at all of him anymore, his movements distract me from what I was doing and for some strange reason I feel like the mirror sees this too.

Well that’s it, I really had no reference on how to do this challenge so I hope I didn’t screw it up completely. I tried to make ever para describe the person, place and thing separately but still making it into a continuous story.


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