Sex and Sexuality 1 (I’ve Got Issues #14)


Hey people of the world. Today is Monday and I’m back and as you all know it is “I’ve Got issues” . The topic I’m going to discuss today is something that has been bothering me for a while. Where ever I have gone especially in India teenagers are woefully undereducated when it came to sex. I don’t mean the things they learn from watching smut and things like that, they have no real understanding of the mechanics and reasons behind certain functions which leads to a large amount of shame which is passed on from generation to generation when there is no need for it.

By treating kids who are going through the normal processes that teenagers go through as criminals we establish a society where we can’t really talk about anything sex related unless we bleep and blur the heck out of it. It’s about time we stop demonizing sex and deal with the fact that we can enjoy sex for other purposes than just procreation.

Since I started this blog as a means to give teenagers some comfort I thought it’s time we had a talk about it. I know that I have most of the posts these days don’t have many social messages but let this is something that needs to be said.

There is a lot to be said about this subject so I’m going to make this a series and this one is going to about masturbation. Yes I said it, because it’s really nothing to be ashamed of. Over the years you would be surprised at the amount of times I have been asked about this by other kids because they really had no idea what the side effects are. The truth is that there are no side affects.

As long as I have known there have been so many myths surrounding masturbation. The truth is that there is no harm in doing it all the theories are made by adults who have also been taught that it is a sin so they teach their children the same. There may be parent reading this that disagree with me but really what reason do you really have to discourage it when there are no harmful effects and it is actually beneficial in some ways.

masturbation reduces the amount of stress people are under and also is a good way of releasing sexual tension before you are able to legally have sex. If masturbation wasn’t discouraged so much and if there was less of a stigma surrounding it, there would be a significant decrease in problems arising from unplanned sex.

Parents put pressure on their kids to not do it but there are studies that show that even after married life and a passage of years masturbation is practiced by them as well.

To sum this up, there are no disadvantages and as long as we make sure that masturbation is practiced in a rational manner, by which I mean don’t spend your whole day doing it, there is no reason to not masturbate other than the feelings of shame that have been passed down from a generation who had no idea what they were doing.

I really hope I didn’t offend any readers because I know that there are a lot of parents and teens that read this I don’t want this to be a topic I skirt around because I’m too afraid to handle it. The amount of ignorance of teens in regard to the actual act of sex and it’s related activities is limited to porn and this needs to be remedied  We can’t let the teens of today go out into the world carrying with them the same antiquated ideology that should have long since been abolished. There are just too many dangers and misconceptions that need to be cleared up. I hope you understand where this is coming from.



This post applies to you too girls, if anything the stigma of masturbation applies more to you than to guys.


If this works out like I planned the next few I’ve got issues posts will also have to do with sex ed so be forewarned.

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