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Well hello people of the world,so glad you decided to tune in again ( I sound kinda like a radio show). It is Sunday or rather the end of Sunday and as you guys know today is “Me Day” the day of the week where I exclusively talk about myself and things related me,just in case you didn’t get enough of me the rest of the week.

Today I thought rather than go over a particular incident or issue I would talk about what’s going on with me right now. These days although I’m sitting at home and waking up at really weird hours and laying in my bed all day I have also started been working on other things.

Right now I’m looking into any journalism opportunity I can find. I don’t know if I have discussed this with you guys before but my parents aren’t too keen on me being a journalist. Can you believe in with the progress India has made in this regard that journalism is still considered an unlikely profession.

I had to and still have to convince them everyday to get an opportunity to do this, so in the meantime I have to show them that I can do something in this field so I have been looking up different programs I can find to show them that it is in fact possible to be a writer and a journalist. If you guys know of any program like this, tell me about it, I could use the help.

On the topic of writing there is another thing I wanted to share. If you guys don’t know I haven’t told my  mom about the name of my blog yet but I had told her about my book. After we got to talking I promised her that I would show her the book when I had finished ten chapters. Twelve chapters in I still haven’t shown her the book.

One of the reasons I haven’t shown her the book is that it isn’t edited it properly. There are huge inconsistencies that she would see immediately that need to be fixed. There are also just simple errors in the chapters that I have missed, so I will have to get all my chapters edit them from start to finish and then hope that she likes it. Her liking it could be the push she needs to make her OK my career choice so I really need it to be perfect before I show it to her.

I also will need to print it or have my friend send it to my mom via e-mail because there is no way in hell that she can be allowed to see this blog. there are just too many things that I have told you guys that she can never know.

Well that’s about it for now, maybe not deadly exciting but hey it’s my life not Indiana Jones, you want excitement watch a movie. Speaking of which I just saw Oblivion the day before, lets just say it blew my mind.

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7 responses to “Lets talk

  1. Yep, my mum knows I have a blog…But she doesn’t know anything else apart from that, I figure its for the best. And don’t worry, she is bound to like it, it is wonderful so far 😀

  2. i think you need to go into Mass communications. while it will help you with journalism, it will also open you to other fields in communications, which may take your fancy and will you additional opportunities to explore what you want to do. if you need help with editing your book, i can help you with that too. when you say “I have been looking up different programs I can find to show them that it is in fact possible to be a writer and a journalist” i must say that i dont quite understand what you mean. Of course anybody can be a writer and a journalist. just like you can be a doctor and a writer (anthony coburn – 1st doctor who book), a diplomat and a writer (Vikas Swarup – slumdog millionaire). You pursue your interest in becoming both an author and journalist. your mom will be convinced.believe me….

    • I was thinking of mass communication as well because there are a wide variety of subjects to choose from and thanks for the offer that was very kind.

      When I said that I needed to show them that I could be a writer and a journalist I ment that I needed to show them that being a writer was possible. I know that one can be a writer on the side. At this point telling my dad about my writing aspirations would only worry him more.

      • i know what you mean. one can never be a writer on the side. one is either a writer. or not. you have a way with words. you need to hone it. you have a easy chatty way of saying things, which you can capitalise upon. there are somethings you will have to concentrate on. but that will come as your interest in putting down your thoughts on words. cheers!

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