YouTube Famous #2


Hey people of the world. I’m back after a long and slightly boring weekend and I’m more than  happy to get started on today’s post. As you guys know today is list day and one of the lists that I liked the most over the last month was the “YouTube Famous” list where I told you guys about all my favorite YouTuber’s.

Since that list I have officially become addicted to YouTube and the more I watched it the more I found other YouTuber’s that I loved. So I decided to make another list to talk about some of the new channels that I found. I’m not going to repeat any of the same names from the last list so I’ll leave a link here and you can check it out later.

  • My Harto

To describe this channel in one word punalicious. Why you ask would I make up this weird word to describe the channel, that’s because My Drunk Kitchen is one of the funniest web shows I have seen and it is chalked full of puns. As you can guess from the title, this show is her Hanna Hart cooking (or rather trying to cook) while she is drunk. Needless to say hilarity ensues and we get to bear witness to her increasingly sloppy puns for every drink she takes. Aside form that she is also a lesbian and Grace Helbig’s best friend, if nothing else I would still love her just for that.

  • Shep689

Right now this channel is one of my favorites. Shep689 is the daily vlog of a gay couple Will&Rj. Some of you might be wondering what makes them so special, what makes me and many others like them. Well the simple answer is nothing. They are just a great couple that go about their day to day lives and bring you with them. If you have to ask why someone would want to watch that then you don’t know what it’s like to feel like there is no one out there for you.  Most of us have felt this way and looking at them I always feel like there is hope. It also doesn’t hurt that they are the single most adorable thing I have seen. Unfortunately they don’t have too many subscribers so be sure to check them out.

  • Shane Dawson TV

What can I say about this guy, lets start with he’s bat shit crazy. A lot of YouTubers are a bit crazy but this guy really takes the cake. He does weekly videos on his main channel and does daily vlogs on his side channels. Maybe it’s the craziness but he is absolutely hilarious and makes music videos as well. The most recent video he released titled “FUCK UP” dwells on the reason he started vlogging in the first place. His mission statement of sorts was that he made funny videos so that kids that are depressed can forget about their problems for a while.

  • Dan is not on fire

That may seem like a strange sentence to you but our next YouTuber felt that it described him perfectly. Danisnotonfire or rather just Dan is a british vlogger and is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. What you may ask makes this guy so special. Well other than the fact that  he is sarcastically and scthingly hilarious he is also considered pretty hot. For the most part Dan seems like a an ordinary looking kinda pale guy but for whatever the reason the internet is crazy about him. He doesn’t really have a schedule but all of his videos are drop down hilarious and most of the time even have a message behind them.

  • GirlfriendsTV

This must be couples day because the next vloggers are girlfriends who are known on YouTube as ArielisHamming and SassyBob. They started dating near the start of the year and have since been working on the channel. Much like shep689 they have dailyish vlogs. Couples like this make teens everywhere feel more hopeful and less alone by just existing. I found them because I was already a fan of Ariel Scarcella better known as ArielisHamming. When I found out she had a girlfriend after so many years I had to find out who she was and  when I found out they had a channel you better believe I subscribed immediately.

Anyway this is my extended list of YouTube celebrities and up and comers who I think you should check out. There are so many great channels and even as I make this list I am debating whether to add more or not. Be sure to tell me in the comments if there is a YouTuber you like and if I get enough names I will watch their videos and make another list next month.


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