Chapter 12

English: A picture from inside a Storm drain i...

Maybe I should have been more careful. Yes, I wanted answers but that didn’t mean that I just randomly do whatever I was told to do, but despite knowing better here I was at the tunnel The only reason I even knew its location was because Bharat had texted me the directions after school. Wadi Kabir which loosely translated was great valley was a the most unpopulated part of Muscat, only filling up on Fridays for the big bazar, add to that the fact that the tunnel I was in led to a small valley that was abandoned.


It served a purpose as a storm drain but whether it was raining or not no one ever came here, so if for whatever reason I had to run no one would ever hear me.


Not the most encouraging thought when going into a meeting with potentially dangerous people I know but there really wasn’t an alternative. I had been walking for the past ten minutes when I finally reached the clearing.


The area was surprisingly brightly lit. In my mind I had been expecting some dark dank place but the light manages to stream through the densely packed trees on either side of the valley. I took a look around and when I didn’t see any of them I decided to get a further understanding of my surroundings.


There were no plants in the area. Somehow the vegetation on both sides had not filtered in to the actual valley. There was no water either which I had been expecting since this acted as a drain to the sudden, scarce and powerful rains that occurred. Walking further I found another tunnel which probably let to the other valleys. Oddly enough there was also a large rock next to it large enough to block the entrance. This set off all kinds of red flags but I was too far gone to turn back now.


As I turned back to the entrance to the valley I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw all of them, the whole group assembled at the mouth of the tunnel. “Hello again Robin, so lovely to see you after last night’s……. debacle”  Bharat’s swagger was back with full force and the creepiest 100 volt smile was on his face .The others too seemed to be back to their confident selves, I guess here in the deserted valley they felt more able to show who they really were.


“Wonderful to see you too but can we get back to what we came here for” I shot back sarcastically. “Of course” he responded  “but first tell me what you think happened”, this momentarily dumb. He had called me all the way here to find out what I knew, what the fuck was up with this guy. I thought about saying something biting but decided against it “I decided to follow you guys after the incident with the dead guy in the bathroom. I found out where Jalal lived and followed him to the school and when I got there…..” I was going to tell him what I saw but at the last second decided to play dumb a bit to find out what he would tell me. “There were these guys who tried to attack me but Patrick carried me away and that’s it. Everything else is blank”.

Bharat looked me over carefully trying to decide whether I was telling the truth or not. Finally he must have decided to believe me because he told me the  his version of what happened. It seemed pretty on par with my understanding of the situation till we got to the first hitch. “How did you guys know that those guys were coming” I asked “Jalal has a security perimeter set around the school don’t you Jalal” Bharat prompted Jalal “yeah I’ve set sensors around the school walls if someone comes in then we will be the first to know” he responded. “Okay set aside the fact that, that kind of tech would require a shit ton of cash, I know you guys didn’t get there instantly. What were those guys doing there in the time it took you to get into the school.”

Bharat looked a bit surprised for a moment then said ” I never really thought about it, that’s a good question, we’ll look into that later” he looked perfectly innocent while he said it………I didn’t buy it for a second. Bharat didn’t strike me as the type of guy that missed something. There was a reason that those guys were there and he knew it very well but I pretended to buy it, at least for now.

“Okay then screw that mind explaining to me how this guy who weighs about half my weight could drag me through the whole freaking school” I directed this at Bharat while gesturing at Patrick. ” Hey I’m standing right here you know” Patrick  said in an offended manner. “Fine then why don’t you tell me what happened and how the hell you managed to do that”. I was almost shouting again and I tried to reign in my temper before things got out of hand. Patrick looked away with an embarrassed look.

“I’ve had it up to here with all your beating around the bush. What happened and why can’t I remember what happened”, I had lost my temper now and was gesturing wildly with my hand to show just how pissed off I was. Bharat gave me a long look and then said “fine, we have powers and we use them to guard the school from the guys that you saw at the school. They also have powers and are extremely dangerous. As for powers I have telepathy and telekinesis, Devon  can absorb energy to strengthen parts of his body to huge levels, Patrick can absorb substances so when he absorbs something like metal it gives him augmented strength as well and Jalal can heal some of the deepest cuts I have seen. Also you turn into a demon when you become angry and last night you passed out and your demon self brutally murdered one of the guys that broke in”

The whole group was looking at Bharat like he was an alien with identical masks of shock but I bet none of them compared to the face that I was wearing. Bharat just looked at everyone and said “what, he wanted to know”



Hey guys I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I hope you didn’t think that the end was too rushed. I meant it to be funny and I do have a plan for it. Tell me in the comments if you liked it and what in particular you liked about it so that I change things if necessary.

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