Hey people of the word. It is Tuesday and you guys have no idea how happy I am that it is not Wednesday.  Wednesday is “Book Day” and I am experiencing minor writer’s block right now so I would have been up all night (again) trying to finish a chapter.

Today is “Random Day” where I talk about any random thing that comes into my head. For today I wanted to talk about being in limbo. As you may already know from reading this blog I have recently gotten out of school. Yes, the years and years of hell are over. I am really excited about it but this change in my life has come with some unexpected repercussions.

The thing about being in school is you always know what to do. You may not always (or ever) do it but there was always a schedule to follow. The closest thing I have to that is the schedule to make these posts. Due the sudden removal of structure from my life I now find myself completely cut adrift from reality.

I have no idea what day, date or time it is. The only time I know is when I check the computer and sometimes I get so lost that I just forget everything about life and just drift away in my head.

Right now some of you are saying “oh that poor baby he has too much time on his hands” and when you put it like that I feel a bit awkward but I’m not complaining about having too much time, rather I am worried that I am turning into a slug.

I’m not a terribly efficient person but even I cannot do nothing for so long. In a month or so I will be cursing myself but sometimes I really wish I had something to do. This whole post is kinda ironic since I am writing this while I am lounging on my bed.

Anyway the moral of the story is……………….there is no moral.  This is just me saying that I am a slob SOMEBODY SAVE ME. Okay after that burst of ridiculousness I think there really anything left to say. I know this and the last post have been short but give me a break, I said I had writers block.

Instead of making a moral of the story because there isn’t one, this time I am going to ask you guys a question. I know that all of you guys are bloggers and some of you are really great at writing posts so tell me and the world how you do it. I try to keep all my posts to a minimum of 500 words but sometimes I fall short. What are your aims while writing and how do you get past those rough spots where you feel devoid of imagination.





A great big hug to all those who comment in advance 😀

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